How to Fold Bugaboo Bee Stroller: An Ultimate Guide

Do you need to fold Bugaboo Bee Stroller? How do you go about folding it properly? How can you make sure that the folding process is done correctly to avoid any problems with your stroller and ensure that it will be easy for carrying around or storing when not in use? This blog post will answer all of these questions. We have created an ultimate guide on how to fold Bugaboo Bee Stroller.


How to Fold Bugaboo Bee Stroller

Steps on How to Fold Bugaboo Bee Stroller

Step One: Let’s start by removing the seat from the stroller, and then remove all of the other accessories that are attached such as a baby blanket or bag.

Step Two: Next, place your hands in front of each side panel with palms facing towards you. Push it inwards and let go so that they snap back into place on their own. This will make folding easier later on when you have finished assembling the frame for this step.

Step Three: Now we need to take one handlebar at a time and pull it up until it clicks into place. This will position the handlebar in a way that you can easily fold it later on once we are done assembling this step of the frame.

Step Four: Now, take both side panels and push them back towards each other so they meet at the top, like when you close an umbrella. Make sure to put some pressure into your hands while pushing for extra stability during assembly.

Step Five: Next, pull up on one end of the seat belt until it is out long enough to go around all three straps which should be hanging loose at this point. We also need to repeat with another seatbelt from the opposite side panel so that eventually two loops are dangling down from either strap holder loop.

Step Six: Now, take one of the leg holders and stretch it up over the seatbelt loop that is dangling from both sides. Finally, attach this strap to its respective end on the back frame part by using a small black screwdriver. Repeat with the other side panel’s seat belt so two loops are dangling down at either end now.

Step Seven: Finally, we need to place our fabric cover onto Bee Stroller and tighten all four straps around each chair section just like in Step One before tightening them all together into a knot as tight as possible right under the seats. After securing these ropes tightly we should be left with an assembled Bugaboo Bee!


How do you Collapse a Bugaboo Bee Parent Facing?

Step One: First, remove both of the side panels from the Bugaboo Bee Stroller by unclipping them and sliding out.

Step Two: Next, attach one end of each side panel’s seat belt to a loop on either end as shown in Step Six above.

You should see three loops dangling down at either end now – two for chair belts and one for fabric cover wrap around. Take all four straps together into a knot right under seats as we did before such that they are tight enough to hold up your assembled Bee when stood vertically with wheels touching the ground below it.


How to Assemble Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller

There are a few parts that need assembling before putting your stroller together and we’ll go over everything in the following steps. The instructions were written as if someone is right-handed, but if you’re left-handed then just reverse the hand positions!

Step One: Attach Front Wheel Bracket to Frame – First, take one of the four brackets up top (either Left or Right) and connect it with two screws on either side into frame slots.

Repeat for another bracket opposite this one so each bracket has been screwed down onto both sides of the frame bars at an angle wise 45 degrees downwards towards where baby sits laterally when seated inside. Note: If you’re left-handed, reverse the hand positions for these two screws.

To tighten down bolts on brackets (may need pliers), hold your hands in a position so that one is holding onto the bracket from above while another holds it below. Then twist either direction to turn the screw until tight enough

Step Two: Attach Front Wheel Bracket Clamps – Take both of those nuts and washers at bottom of the frame bar where the front wheel will be located once we’ve put everything together. Thread them onto rod coming out of front wheels as well as slipping clamps over rods too – but before securing with an additional bolt which can now go into slot on side of stroller seat when opened up fully next step

Step Three: Attach Handlebar – Take the long bolt and screw it into the clamp on side of the frame. Now take the other end, threading it through handlebars which are attached to headrest at the top as well as resting in the area where we threaded that bracket earlier

Step Four: Swivel Front Wheel Brackets Outward – How you do this is entirely up to your preference but basically what will happen is when you move these brackets outwards they’ll form an “L” shape with a flat surface for the front wheel to sit and then swivel back around so both wheels can be pushed forward once finished folding stroller

Step Five: Attach Frame Straps – Two straps are matching one over each shoulder from either direction coming together on the centre of the back. How you attach it is entirely up to your preference but I find that when they’re in this position it’s more comfortable and not as cumbersome

Step Six: Close Velcro Straps – How you close these straps depends on how tight or lose you want them, just make sure they reach from the top of stroller handlebars all the way down onto the frame (not pictured) which will then hold everything together once finished folding bugaboo bee

Step Seven: Fold Stroller Handlebar Down – How you do this is again entirely up to your preference but what’ll happen if done correctly is both sides of handles at either end will be flat against each other with a folded “L” shape where we threaded those straps through.

Step Eight: Fold Stroller Frame in Half – How the frame folds is similar to how you fold a slice of pizza or hot dog bun, so it’s folded like an “L” shape with one side on top and bottom then repeat for another half which will make your stroller double as thin again.

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