The Ultimate Guide on How to Fold Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller

The Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller is one of the most popular strollers in the world. It has a lot of features that make it perfect for any family. But how do you fold this giant stroller?

This article will show How to Fold Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller step by step and how to get it back up without too much force!

Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller


Steps on Folding the Bob Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller

Step 1. Lay the stroller on its back and make sure that it is as flat as possible. Cross one of the handles over the other, so they are at a 90-degree angle to each other.

Lift from underneath and pull them outwards until they lock together with their new position in line with how you will be standing when holding your child’s hands during use. Let go of both handles then slide some more if needed to get all slack out of the folded fabric material

Step 2. With only one hand, take hold of two metal hooks or bars located towards the top left side (on either side) of where your baby would normally stand inside next to his/her parent’s hips.

These come into place by lifting the left side of the bar, which has a metal hook on one end and a loop at the other. Take hold of that right-hand line (loop) with your right hand then push the grey lever down on top to release it

Step 3. With both hands now holding onto each piece of fabric material in an overhanded grip, pull up until they lock together tightly into place by lifting from underneath


How do you open the BOB Revolution Stroller?

The Bob Revolution XT stroller is the perfect choice for parents that are always on the go. Whether you’re taking a quick stroll or trekking through rugged terrain, this baby jogger has it covered with plenty of storage and features to keep your child comfortable. Here’s how to open the BOB Revolution XT Baby Jogging Stroller:

Step 1. First, grab both sides handles on either end of the stroller frame from underneath where they attach to the base

Step 2. Next, push up on these same two hand grips until they lock into place

With one flick of your wrist, pull outwards (gently) at each handle – there may be some resistance when first starting but once in motion it should come apart relatively easily!

Step 3. Keep in mind how the parts come apart and put it back together in reverse order to re-fold your jogger. Finally, snap-on both wheels by lining up the circles with one another and pulling upwards. The stroller should now be folded away for storage!


How do you run with a BOB stroller?

First of all, while running it’s important not to lock the swivel wheel when you use your jogger because this will make steering difficult for you.

You’ll want to keep these wheels unlocked so they turn as needed. When using in-line skates or similar footwear on hard surfaces such as sidewalks or roads, then be sure to engage the front wheel brake before setting off – this helps avoid any accidents that may happen if the child falls out of their seat (this doesn’t apply when going up hills).

We recommend attaching carabiners or a leash to your jogging stroller so that the child is never too far from you.


How much weight can a BOB stroller hold?

The BOB Revolution XT stroller can hold a weight limit of 50 pounds. The Bob Expedition Jogging Stroller is also worth considering if you’re looking for something that holds more weight (up to 100 lbs).


How much does the bob jogging stroller weigh?

A standard, one-hand foldable jogger weighs about 25lbs. This may seem heavy but it’s really not all that bad when you think about how often you’ll be using and folding/unfolding your stroller!

You might want to take into account how light or bulky your existing gear is before making any new purchase decisions. In general, most people find their baby joggers are easy enough on the arms with just an occasional break now and then.


How do you put the front wheel on a BOB stroller?

If the wheel is already on, try pushing the front wheels past one another. If you can’t seem to make them go any farther and they still don’t spin freely when you turn them – there may be some tiny plastic pieces preventing movement of your front wheel(s).

Try using tweezers or a small screwdriver (use caution not to puncture anything!) to remove these pieces. Once removed, the rubber parts will snap back into place as if nothing ever happened!


How to Clean Bob Jogging Stroller?

Bob strollers are easy to clean, and your Bob Revolution XT jogging stroller is no exception. The fabric seat of the Bob can be spot-cleaned by wiping with a cloth or sponge dampened in soapy water, then rinsing well.

If you haven’t used it for a while — maybe you’re saving it for when the baby’s old enough? — we recommend hand washing instead of machine washing on a gentle cycle using mild soap (such as dish detergent) and warm water

We also recommend only air drying because exposing the material to heat from a clothes dryer may cause shrinkage or permanent damage.


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