3 Simple Step by Step Guide: How to Fold an Evenflo Wagon

The Evenflo Company is one of the leaders in car seats, strollers and other child products. The company has been around for many years and it’s no surprise that they have a wide variety of wagons to choose from. One of those wagons is the Evenflo Wagon with Storage under the seat. This article will show you how to fold an Evenflo wagon step by step!


How to Fold an Evenflo Wagon

Step One: Reach up and pull down on each red tab located on either side of the wheel at the base, then release it back into position – as if you were opening a book.

This will unlock two hinges that are holding your wheels in place allowing them to be folded over one another for storage. You should hear something click which means they have been unlocked from their original position.

Step Two: On either side of the wagon in the middle, there is an additional release that unlocks two hinges on one half of the wagon (the bottom) and locks it into place so you can fold up from those sides. Pull this release and stand them up so that they are now horizontal with their back wheels.

Step Three: Fold the wagon in half lengthwise by lifting it from one end to the other, folding over itself – as if you were closing a book. Step Four: With your bottom hinge still unlocked, fold each side of the wagon upwards (to form an “L”) until those hinges click back into place, locking themselves closed again.

To open again simply pull on both red tabs at either wheelbase to unlock them then push outwards away from one another like opening a book until they click securely once more.



How do you take apart an Evenflo stroller?

The Evenflo stroller is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around with your little one.

If you are looking for how to take apart an Evenflo stroller, there are four steps. The first step is to examine the frame of the stroller. You will notice that it has two metal hinges on each side of the frame where the wheels attach.

These hinges can be unscrewed using an adjustable wrench or by hand if they’re not too tight. Once these screws have been removed then pull up gently on opposite sides (the left hinge in this example) at the same time until it snaps out from its position as shown below:

Step Two: Next, fold down both seatbacks.

Step Three: Grab the seat’s metal frame and gently pull it up to remove it from its hinges. The entire stroller will now be in one piece with no pieces left attached. Now you can take this apart into smaller parts for storage or transport.

To put it back together, just follow these same steps but backwards! First, reassemble the seatback on top of the bottom section before moving onto step three as shown below:

Finally, screw the two hinges back into place using an adjustable wrench (or by hand). Once both sides are finished then test out your new Evenflo wagon by folding down all four seats and pushing it around like a shopping cart or grocery trolley! It is that simple.


How to fold an Evenflo Sibby stroller

Step One: Unzip the seat cover and remove the headrest from its pocket.

Step Two: Remove the handlebar by loosening the two hex bolts on each side. Place removed handlebar to one side for later use. Undo the adjustable strap at the base of the stroller frame, wrapping around the lower cross-brace below it somewhere in between where you started and ended so that when pulled tight it will not loosen again.

There is a black stopper piece that can be slid up or down within this loop that acts as an effective buckle if needed – see photo.

Step Three: Move your hand along inside of back panel until you find another latch with three Velcro pieces attached to it ( see photo).

Step Four: Open the latch and push upwards on the lower cross-brace to release.

Now, you have successfully folded your Evenflo wagon! You can now store it in its bag or put it together for use again.

Step Five: To re-assemble, start with the back panel as the first part to go into place so that when you are closing it, the top of the frame is the overlapping bottom of the frame by about an inch (see photos below) and make sure to slide black stopper/buckle up against strap at the base of the stroller frame.

Wrap handlebar around outside of stroller body just above upper cross brace until both ends meet then tighten bolts starting from inside out – see photo below

Step Six: Now, you can use the stroller as normal.

To fold – simply pull up on the lower cross brace to release the back panel and lay flat on the ground (see photos below) – that’s it! It will now be in a smaller size for easier carrying or storage.

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