Easy Ways on How to Fold a Side by Side Double Bassinet

A side by side double bassinet is what you need if you are looking for a multi-purpose bassinet. It offers your little one the needed space to move freely while sleeping. Read this blog to learn how to fold a side by side double bassinet.


How to fold a side by side double Bassinet


Steps on How to fold a side by side double Bassinet

While holding the bassinet with one hand, use your other to push down on a latch located at each corner of the frame.

A clicking sound will be heard when you have successfully latched it closed. Repeat this step for all four corners and your pack n play is now ready to fold up!

Finally, lift on both sides of the handle and pull towards yourself with even pressure until you can’t go any further (the two halves should come apart). When done correctly they will look like an inverted V shape that straddles either side of your body with straps hanging overtop. Do not force anything if an issue arises!

How do you open a DuoGlider?

To open up the DuoGlider push down on both side latches and pull out to make it pop up.


Steps on how to take the canopy off of kolcraft bassinet to wash

First, unzip the canopy from all four corners. Second, put your hands under both top corners and lift them to remove them.

Third, when you have finished washing it place one hand at a time on each of the two front corners and slowly lower down until you hear a click (the canopy will lock-in). Repeat this step for both back corners so that they can be locked into position. Finally, zip around the perimeter of the canopy to keep closed while not in use!

To wash just detach all zippers then soak or throw into the washer with cold water gentle cycle only no chlorine bleach hang dry OR if needed machine dry – low heat/fluff air is the best option available since frequent drying may wear out the fabric over time

How To Fold & Store The Travel System

First make sure all parts are securely attached such as wheels to chassis, seat to chassis and handle to chassis. After this is done it’s time for storage! Adjust the footrest then gently push the back of the bassinet down until you hear a click (this locks into place).

Thirdly, lift the mattress frame onto the front edge of the bassinet; lastly, fold the top part over on itself which should lock in with two latches located at the bottom centre & both sides. To store strap simply wrap around folded parts making sure all metal hooks are securely locked together or stored somewhere safe like your car trunk!


How To Reverse The Car Seat

First un-thread harness straps from belt path by lifting latch found under chest pad area. Next remove any additional attachments such as head support etc., using one hand lift harness release strap above the child’s head. Last, detach the buckle by pressing the red button on side of the car seat & removing it from the underside base (this might require two hands). To re-thread follow these steps in reverse!


How to Remove Crib Mattress:

First, remove the crib mattress cover being careful NOT to tear stitching if any. Next, unscrew screws located at each corner using an Allen wrench provided with the product or a small regular screwdriver found in the toolbox under your kitchen sink cabinet. Lastly, pull apart the metal frame while lifting upwards until it separates from the bottom portion which can be easily folded for storage purposes.


To Fold the Bassinet Frame into a Flat Surface for Storage Purposes:

Lay top part down flat onto ground followed by bottom part. Lastly, fold up the legs of the bassinet until the metal frame is completely flat and can easily slide under a bed or into a closet for storage purposes.


To Re-Assemble after Storage:

To reassemble your product simply line up all four corners to make sure they are securely in place before pushing down evenly on the mattress board as it will be much easier now than when you first received this product as it will require little pressure from above once both halves have been properly lined up with each other!

How to unlock the wheels on a City Mini GT stroller

The first step is to place the matching mattress pad with its own pocket for storage on top of an already assembled frame.

Next, snap it in place before inserting a fitted sheet over top securely after placing the baby inside for sleep time.

Finally, step three is folding down both legs vertically which will lock together automatically lining up grooves between two layers locking everything back in alignment perfectly! Overall this pack and play bassinet can be used as either a co-sleeper or stationary full-size crib that folds flat when not needed with multiple functions making it worth any penny spent!

It also comes available in eight different colour schemes; I personally love the grey chevron pattern shown here but they all look fabulous so you really can’t go wrong regardless of which you choose!


Reclining a Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

To recline, pull up firmly and steadily until you hear a click or feel it lock into place. This can be really difficult at first but keep trying as this is how all strollers are designed! Once locked in properly, do not force any further as that will break your stroller!! If there’s no resistance when pulling up then move onto step two below.

To release from “locked mode” gently push back towards yourself with even pressure – again – never force anything if an issue arises here too! If you’re having trouble getting your stroller to recline or lock in place, it may be an issue with the frame. If this is the case, please contact our Customer Service team immediately!

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