3 Steps on How to Fold A Sibby Evenflo Stroller

If you’re like me and you have a newborn, then you probably have a sibby Evenflo stroller. And if so, congratulations on the little one! I know how difficult it can be to find time to fold your stroller when you’re busy with other things. So, in this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on How to Fold A Sibby Evenflo Stroller in no time at all!


Sibby Evenflo Stroller

Steps on How to Fold A Sibby Evenflo Stroller

Step 1. First, open up the stroller and take off the straps from both seats. – Next, fold down one side of the seat at a time so that it’s laying flat on top of itself and press against its wheels for support. You will need to use your body weight here! Once you’ve done this with all four sides, lay them out in front of yourself like an ‘X’.

Step 2. Now grab hold of each piece by the back handlebar where they meet and pull them towards themselves until there is no excess fabric hanging over either end. (If you have trouble pulling these pieces together then try using your leg muscles instead!)

Step 3. Finally, roll up as tightly as possible everything that isn’t necessary and try to get the fabric as flat as possible.

When you’re done rolling up, take hold of both handles which are now on either end of the stroller. Hold them firmly so they don’t unravel but not too tightly because this could cause a blowout!

Step 4. Now lift your body upwards from a seated position whilst lifting each handle in turn until it’s vertical before placing it over one shoulder for carrying. (You should be able to carry two at once!).


How to Wash an Evenflo Stroller

Step 1. The stroller’s material is easy to clean by wiping it with a sponge and some dish soap or washing the whole thing in your home washing machine. However, you should always check for any stains before attempting either of these cleaning methods as they are not guaranteed to remove them all!

Step 2. You can also use a damp cloth or piece of fabric that has been soaked in water mixed with mild liquid detergent and warm water to wipe down the surface (you’ll only need one hand if there’s an older sibling around!). This will help get rid of any unwanted dirt on those hard-to-reach surfaces such as between car seats.

Once this process is complete, dry the frame using a towel so excess water doesn’t drip and seep onto the fabric.

Step 3. If you still have any stubborn stains, don’t fret! There are some other simple ways to remove them that won’t break your bank or require a laundry load of work. Hire an upholstery cleaner for all those deep downloads like food spills on fabrics and bodily fluids from pets.

Step 4. These professionals will come with their supplies but they can also use your cleaning materials if preferred. For more instant relief though, try using a spot remover such as Resolve®, which works best when it’s applied directly to the stain immediately after spilling occurs.

You’ll want to let this dry before putting anything else on top so be patient and try not to touch it or rub at the stain while you’re waiting.

Step 5. A spot remover is a must-have for any household with kids, pets, or just messy humans! Resolve® might be your best option if you need something that can handle almost anything from food spills on fabrics to bodily fluids.

You’ll want to use this as soon as possible after spilling has occurred so it doesn’t set in but don’t worry too much about specific timing because most of these products will work wonders regardless of when they are used!

Step 6. Try using upholstery cleaner like Rug Doctor for larger jobs though since there’s more surface area involved here which means more stains make an appearance— more is better in this case.

Step 7. One of the best ways to get a stain out on upholstery, rugs or any other fabric-based surface: use your dish soap and water! Try mixing it with some salt so you can scrub at the stains until they’re gone and then rinse away all residue.

If that doesn’t work for whatever reason though (maybe you have grease spots rather than something like wine), try using hairspray as well—any type will do including no-hold spray if you need an extra boost.


What strollers are compatible with Evenflo Litemax?

The Evenflo Litemax stroller is compatible with all of the following models: LiteMax, Embrace LX – All-In-One Stroller and Embrace DLX. Please note that these are not included in our purchase price for this product.

It can also be used with a variety of other car seats and travel systems including Britax BABY-SAFE PLUS (excludes Roundabout), Maxi Cosi Mico AP, BeSafe iZi Go Modular or Eclipse 80 Car Seat.


What else do you need?

A Baby Jogger Travel System comes complete with everything but the car seat! You’ll just need to purchase your car seat separately.


What is the weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity for this product is 55 pounds.

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