How to Fold a Phil and Ted Dash Stroller: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you love the Phil and Ted Dash Stroller? How about the idea of owning one but don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. This blog post will teach you how to fold a Phil and Ted Dash stroller so that you can take it with you on busy days when time is short. Read on for our step-by-step guide!


Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

Steps on How to Fold a Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

Step 1. Unfold the Phil and Ted Dash Stroller in front of you. Push down on the handle to lower it. Once lowered, this will allow more room for folding – Take a hold of both sides where they meet at the top (the seat). Pull them away from each other so that there is space between them. The two bars that connect the two sides of the fabric should now form an “X”.

Step 2. Bring one side over to meet with the other so that they are flat on top of each other. At this point, you will notice a small strap in between where they meet. Take hold of the end and pull it up as far as possible – You can let go at this point but keep pulling until all ends have been brought together and tighten securely.

Step 3. Locate both clips on either side of your stroller (the ones used for attaching toys or drinks). Push them down firmly until they click into place which completes folding your Phil & Ted Dash Stroller!


How to fold a Babyhug stroller

Open your stroller; laid flat, it should look like an X. Take the side that is away from you and fold it over so that they meet together, creating a sort of “X” shape. You’ll notice a small strap in between where they meet – take hold of both ends and pull upwards. This will create a sort of “pocket” which you can fold your stroller into.

Bring the side that is already folded over down to meet with it and secure them together using the Velcro strips provided on each corner – this should hold them in place securely when folded out, just like they were before folding!


How to fold a Luvlap stroller

First, spread both sides of the stroller flat on the ground – Take hold of each side and pull them together until they meet, keeping in mind that a small strap will be between where they meet.

Puffy Lux

Pull this up as far as possible before letting go to secure it into place – After you have done so, locate your clips at the bottom of your stroller. Push them down as far as possible until they click into place which completes folding your Luvlap Stroller.


How to Recline a Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

To recline a Phil and Ted Dash stroller, start by locating the green strap at the bottom of your seat. Pull this to release it from its locked position.

Doing so will make for easier folding later on when you try to collapse your stroller but if you are only doing some quick adjustments then there is no need! Now that the lock is disengaged, pull on the red strap at the top of your seat and push down so that it clicks into place.

You will know you have done this right when you hear a click sound. Now look for black clips located behind each leg rest – there are two per side.

Push them in to release from their locked position which uncovers an opening point where they were previously connected keeping your stroller closed uptight! They can be pushed back down if desired as well.

Now slide open both sides of your stroller until they extend outwards fully then just let go allowing them to come to a natural standing upright position or with slight pressure they should snap into place automatically depending on how much slack was built up inside after taking the initial step to release your strollers arms.


How to Unfold a Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

Locate the latch on each side of your stroller. Push it up until you hear a click and see that it is now in an open position – Once both clips are unclipped, pull one handle outwards to allow them to unfold.


How to Clean a LuvLap Stroller

Step One – Unfold your stroller completely; this includes extending any leg rests (if applicable) as well as releasing all-wheel locks by pushing down on them until they snap open with each wheel now able to rotate freely. Remember always check that all wheels can move before using your child’s stroller again!

Step Two – Use mild soap and warm water from a garden hose or sink faucet to thoroughly wash the entire buggy.


How to Clean a Phil and Ted Dash Stroller

Unclip the rain cover from the inside of your stroller.

Remove dirt and debris by scrubbing with a damp cloth – Make sure to keep away from any zippers or magnets as these areas need to remain clean and dry for proper operation. Use a small brush or toothbrush if necessary.

Clean fabric using warm water and mild detergent ensuring that it is thoroughly rinsed before being left in direct sunlight to air-dry completely (at least 24 hours). Ensure all soap residue has been removed, then reattach the rain cover when finished drying.

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