How to Fold a Graco Ready2Grow Double Stroller

Folding a Graco Ready to Grow Double Stroller is not difficult. All you need to do is follow these instructions and before you know it, your stroller will be folded up compactly in seconds! This article will show you How to Fold a Graco Ready2Grow Double Stroller.


Steps on How to Fold a Graco Ready to Grow Double Stroller

-First, pull the lever on top of your stroller. This will open and release it from its folded position. It’s important to do this before anything else!

Graco Ready to Grow Double Stroller

– Second, take one side of the handlebar that is not attached to a seat with your hand and gently push down (again, so as not to let go).

– Third: With both hands still holding onto either half of the bar, lift until all four wheels are off the ground. At this point, you should be able to easily fold in each section until they come together completely at about a 45-degree angle – if not less than that depending on how far apart they were original. Once again use caution when opening the stroller

– Fourth: Now, with one hand on each of the two handles push together until you hear a click. This indicates that they are locked in place and ready to go! Simply pull up on them again if needed.


How to Unfold a Graco Ready to Grow Double Stroller

First: Make sure the stroller is in an upright position. Next, open up both of the front seats so that they are standing on their own – if you look inside each seat, there should be a small black button or lever located near the back corner which can toggle it between being closed and opened.

Second: Take hold of one handle at either end and pull down until it’s released from its locked position. Repeat this process with the other side as well to ensure no damage has been done to any part during folding/unfolding. From here simply push together again for about two seconds before clicking into place securely once more!


How to fold a sit and stand double stroller

If you’re looking to store your sit and stand double stroller without taking up a lot of room, or if you want the ability to move it around easily, then folding the unit is best.

However, when putting this type of product away for storage or transportation certain precautions need to be taken so that both pieces will fit properly into their designated places – they might not do so smoothly on their own!

Here’s what needs to happen: First off have two people hold down each handle at either end while pulling in opposite directions until they release from being locked in; From here push together again for about two seconds before clicking back into place securely and repeat with another side as well.

Next, on the bench seat, fold it down and tuck in the fabric underneath where the handle was as before. For added measure ensure that you pull up each of the back covers to create a tighter fit at this end – if not they can slide out when transporting or storing your product!

Now take both hand straps inside-out (so that’s what will be facing upwards) then put them over one another so their handles face opposite ways; After doing this simply lift with these straps together from either side until all are off and now just push the stroller open again for use next time!


Features of Graco Ready To Grow Double Stroller

  • Double stroller with room for two children up to 45 pounds each
  • Roomy, ultra-lightweight frame stores easily in the car or closet
  • Conveniently folds when not needed and unfolds quickly as the baby grows taller.


How to open a twin stroller

Open the stroller by pressing on one of the release levers and pulling up. The levers should be located near where you will open it, or at each side handle. This opens a hinge in the back that allows for easy folding

Pull both handles apart to extend two wheels from their compartments; they will automatically lock into place when fully extended

Lift upwards with your hands to remove fabric coverings and reveal a storage basket beneath them

Lay down seat frame by opening arms downward and tilting forward onto its legs (this is not necessary if the seat has been previously removed)

Place folded seats upright inside stroller’s compartment tray then fold out canopy so that it covers child

Lift stroller with both hands to extend handlebars and wheels fully

Grasp each of the handles on either side, then pull them back until it clicks into place – check that everything is securely locked before walking away or placing it in the trunk.


How do I transition my Graco stroller?

The Graco Ready to Grow stroller can be transitioned from a double, to a single or even as an infant carrier.

If you would like the seats on your Graco ready to grow have two infants in them (or one child and an adult), then simply pull up each arm of the seat frame until it clicks into place. This will allow for babies who are still inside their car seats, however, this is not recommended for children under 12 months old due to safety reasons.

To transition back to being a double after using as a single with both parents sitting together, all that needs to be done is pulling down each arm of the seat rocker frame so that they lock into place – next step is to manoeuvre the fabric of the seat cover so that it is tucked in.

*Pull up each arm of the seat rocker frame until clicks into place if you want two babies in there.* Or use it as one parent sitting while the other sits elsewhere.* To transition back from

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