How To Fluff A Pillow Top Mattress? 5 Easy Steps To Try!

A lumpy pillow can ruin your good night’s sleep; that’s why you must understand how to fluff a pillow top mattress.

I am a side-sleeper, and having a pillow top mattress is a lifesaver!

how to fluff a pillow top mattress

You see, it would take me hours to fall asleep, but after purchasing such a bed, I, now, sleep like a baby!

However, the pillow top mattress will less likely be comfortable if not maintained correctly.

That’s why if you want your bed to stay long while keeping its quality, read on!


What A Pillow Top Mattress

Before I tell you how you can effectively fluff your pillow top mattress, some of you might not know what this kind of mattress is.

Pillow tops are also called euro tops, are pads placed literally on your mattress’ top to provide an extra layer.

The padding comes with a 2-inch thick upper layer, which you can cover with fabric similar to the mattress material.

Even though the pillow top may appear to be a separate layer, you don’t have to worry as it is secured and sewed on the mattress.

The built-in layer is usually composed of cotton, wool, fiberfill, memory foam, natural latex, gel, or other fillings available on the market.

Adding to this, you would usually find pillow tops with airbeds or innerspring mattresses.

The idea of combining foam and the innerspring mattress makes customers want to buy the product as it enhances the comfort of the bed.

So, if you haven’t considered buying a pillow top mattress, this might change your mind. Regardless, let’s move on to how you can restore your mattress’s comfort.


5 Steps To Fluff A Pillow Top Mattress

As a side sleeper, having a fluffy cushion helps me to fall fast asleep.

A pillow top can even help you ease the neck and back pains you are feeling.

That’s why losing the fluffiness of your bed would be a bummer.

How to fluff a pillow top mattress?

So, here is a list of steps to get rid of lumps and revive the quality of your mattress:


Step #1. Rotating the mattress

The mattress may lose its comfort when overused.

That’s why rotating your pillow top once in a while can help reduce stress, which causes you the need to fluff the mattress.

Now, if you rotate the mattress, the foot’s end will be the headboard side and vice versa.

It applies to pillow tops with pads on only one side, but for a double-sided padded pillow top, you can flip your bed once a year.

Such a method will help you maintain the quality of the mattress and avoid wear.


Step #2. Cleaning the mattress

It’s sad to say that rotating your mattress alone will not assure you the maintenance you need for the product, as you will need to clean it.

It will not only get rid of the bacteria and foul smell, but it will also help on keeping your mattress fluffy as well.

To do this, you will need only a baking soda.

Sprinkle it on the mattress’ top and let it sit for an hour or so.

It will kill the bacteria and remove the foul odor and oils that cause your pillow top mattress to lose its fluff.


Step #3. Vacuuming the mattress

After the time is up, you want to employ a canister vacuum and remove all the baking soda, mites, dust, and other particles on your bed’s surface.

Although it doesn’t help in fluffing the pillow top mattress, at least all the dust and allergens that cause you to itch every night are all gone!


Step #4. Hanging up the mattress top

If you can, you’d want to take out the pillow top and hang it outside on a sunny day.

As we all know, the sun is our natural dryer, and it also kills the bacteria on our clothes.

However, if your mattress is sewed on your bed or is just impossible to remove, then you can skip this step and proceed.


Step #5. Beating the mattress

Once the pillow top is dry, use a broom head (of course, make sure it’s clean) and beat the mattress.

Make sure that you cover all the surfaces of the pillow top.

Again, if you can’t remove the mattress, use your whole body.

Now, lie on your bed. It’s time for you to roll over it from side to side in about 20-30 minutes.

It’s an effective way so you can fluff your mattress and might as well take a nap since you’re already there.



Now that you know how to fluff a pillow top mattress, you want to do it regularly to maintain your bed’s quality.

Knowing how to take care of your things is one way to save money.

So, as long as you can take care of the mattress, you wouldn’t need to spend a fortune buying a new one.

Regardless, I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed reading this article. Thank you so much!