How To Fluff A Memory Foam Pillow. 3 Best Ways

It would be best to learn how to fluff a memory foam pillow daily, monthly, and using the dryer. This practice is essential for memory foam pillows to maintain their form and responsiveness. After all, sleeping on a memory foam pillow will only be optimal if it’s not deformed. 

Since memory foam is a unique material, one can assume that fluffing it is not similar to your usual pillow stuffing. You must be mindful of the best techniques to avoid damaging the foam. Below is an easy guide to keeping your pillow fluffy and bouncy correctly. 


How To Fluff Memory Foam Pillows



The first way to fluff a memory foam pillow is by squeezing and hitting it every time you get out of bed. You can do this daily as part of pillow maintenance and keep the memory foam at optimal condition. The idea behind this is taking advantage of the memory foam’s viscoelasticity

Every time you wake up, you can fluff up your memory foam pillow by grabbing both ends and pushing them together. You can also hit it with a few punches or beat it with your flat hand on every side. Shaking and squeezing the pillow every day will ensure that it stays fluffy because you’re aerating it as you do these movements. 

Another daily practice that you can do to your memory foam pillow is each time you’re about to sleep, you’ll flip your pillow and use the other side. This rotation will ensure equal pressure throughout the pillow, thus helping it retain its shape. Remember that usage is also a way to fluff a memory foam pillow.



You can also keep your memory foam pillow fluffy by letting it air out monthly. This is a good practice because your pillow tends to absorb moisture over time. As a result, the pillow can get lumpy or lose its volume. 

Besides giving your pillow squeezes and punches, you can put it outside and let it air out every few months. Hang or lay it outside for at least three hours to let the sun dry it thoroughly. You can even fluff the pillow every hour to help restore its form. 

Heat exposure should also kill any pathogen lingering on the pillow. Some homeowners air out their memory foam pillow to deodorize it without the need to wash it. However, be mindful of the weather since humidity can damage memory foam. 


Using the dryer

Finally, you can fluff a memory foam pillow in the dryer, similar to a bamboo pillow. You can do this once a month to let the pillow breathe, dry any moisture, and keep it from flattening. Choose the lowest setting to avoid damaging the memory foam and put it in the dryer for a few minutes. 

A useful tip to remember is to place at least two tennis balls in the dryer alongside the memory foam pillow. These balls will also do the fluffing for you, similar to when you manually hit the pillow earlier. And after you got the pillow from the dryer, you can give it a few shakes to distribute the lumps, if any. 


How Memory Foam Works

Memory foam uses an open-cell structure that is reactive to pressure and heat. This is why when you lie on a memory foam pillow, it relieves pressure, and the comfort is unique to your body. However, it’s also worth noting that there are high and low-density foams. 

As you can assume, the former will have better compression than the latter. When choosing a memory foam pillow, you want to select a high-density one because it will have a longer lifespan regardless of use. There are also shredded and whole memory foam pillows to consider. 

Remember that a common disadvantage of memory foam pillows is they retain heat due to the material and poor air circulation. Manufacturers have come up with shredded memory foam instead of using a single block to remedy this heat issue. 


One-piece vs shredded

A single block of memory foam can still be advantageous because its shape conforms and mimics your head and neck curves. Some sleepers also find this memory foam more supportive as it is firmer and responds slower to pressure. On the other hand, you can adjust a shredded memory foam pillow. 

Shredded memory foam pillow sometimes uses a blend of other materials with memory foam. You can add or remove the stuffing to adjust the pillow’s shape, firmness, and loft. And as mentioned earlier, it has better airflow than one-piece memory foam.



Memory foam pillows are quite long-lasting with proper maintenance. But besides cleaning, you must also learn how to fluff a memory foam pillow. This involves knowing how to do so daily and monthly. 

After you got out of bed, be sure to squeeze your pillow and give it a few punches and hits. You can also put it in the dryer monthly with tennis balls to do the fluffing for you. Choose the lowest setting for a few minutes to restore the pillow’s form. 

Finally, aerate your memory foam pillow outdoors every few months. This will dry the moisture that accumulated and also removes odor and allergens thanks to the sunlight. Choose a sunny day and hang or lay the pillow outside for three hours.