How To Fix A Wobbly Dual Recliner Loveseat

When we want to unwind at home, recliners give much-needed comfort. It’s the ideal spot for falling asleep, watching TV, reading a book, or even cuddling your pet. This article will talk about how to fix a wobbly dual recliner loveseat.


wobbly dual recliner loveseat

If your chair becomes damaged as a consequence of excessive use, do not throw it away. You may be able to repair the chair. However, you might want to bring in a skilled furniture specialist to help you with this.


However, if you’re a handyman, roll up your sleeves and go to work on the fix! Of course, you must first be able to identify the cause of the problem. After that, you might proceed to corrective action.


A creaky, damaged, or stuck recliner in your house is a pain and may quickly turn the chair from relaxing to irritating. But first, let’s discuss some vital topics before we get to how to fix a wobbly dual recliner loveseat.

What is a recliner?

A reclining chair is an upholstered chair with a user-activated metal mechanism. It pushes the back out and raises the footrest to fit the user’s lower legs. The majority of recliners are armchairs, which means they have arms.


The chair’s upholstered backs and seats make it a very relaxing piece of furniture. Because reclining chairs or couches move or change shape, they are referred to as “action” or “motion” furniture. For example, some recliners are triggered by the sitter pushing back in the chair with some effort. 

What is a single motor recliner?

It is featuring a single motor that drives both the back and the footrest at the same time. Thus, when the backrest is lowered, the footrest automatically rises. Single motor mobility chairs are often less expensive than two-motor versions, which may be enough to persuade you to purchase. 

What is a dual motor recliner?

Two or more motors are utilized to separately power the back and footrest in dual motor recliner chairs. In addition, a third motor is used in specific versions to power the riser function. Therefore, it allows the person to stand up by tipping the seat base forward.


In general, twin motor mobility chairs are more costly than single motor mobility chairs. They provide many more adjustment possibilities, which they may require if your loved one has mobility issues. So now, let’s proceed to how to fix a wobbly dual recliner loveseat.

How To Fix A Wobbly Dual Recliner Loveseat

Determine the source of your recliner’s malfunction.

Is it a squeaky door? Is it broken or trapped in some way? First, figure out where the noises are originating from if it’s squeaky. Then, to assist stop the noise and enhance the fluidity of the recliner’s functioning, lubricate the mechanisms with WD-40.

Examine the recliner’s positions

Examine the recliner’s positions to check whether they all operate smoothly. For example, feet up and back reclined, feet up and back straight, etc. If they don’t, the tension mechanism in the chair may be malfunctioning. 

Tighten screws.

With a screwdriver or wrench, tighten screws, nuts, bolts, and the handle, which operates the footrest. When they become loose or unstable, they can cause significant issues. They can make the chair seem broken when you’re reclining in it.


Maybe the weight of the friction adjustment can make a popping sound. If any screws, nuts, or bolts are missing, replace them with the correct size. Make sure you get the right size of screws or nuts to replace.

Take a look at the recliner’s foundation.

It will be considerably more challenging to repair metal than it will be to fix wood. First, check whether the metal has any damaged hinges or is pressing against another metal bar. If too much weight is placed on the chair or handled harshly, the base might shatter permanently.


You can repair a wooden foundation with wood glue and new pieces. Simply with wood glue and a clamp to hold an amount in place. If you need to replace the entire foundation, go with a solid wooden option. It will be easier to maintain and repair in the future. 

Handle mechanism

If the footrest doesn’t come out of the chair, check the handle mechanism. Make sure it’s tightly and securely fastened. If it doesn’t work, manually take out the footrest and look for loose or scraggly parts below it. 

The Advantages of a Recliner Chair


It’s all about comfort; you want to relax without having to jiggle your body to find a comfortable position continually. We despise being propped up with pillows and having to reposition them every few minutes. You’d like to be able to rest your feet without having to lie down.

Pressure is relieved

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing a recliner is that it relieves strain on your joints. It is because you can move the chair continually first a button. Therefore, the most comfortable position is determined by you, not the chair’s design.

Circulation is improved.

Blood rushes to your legs and feet when you sit at your desk for lengthy periods, creating irritation. Instead, raise your feet above your heart level and allow gravity to enhance circulation naturally. In addition, reclining can provide relaxation to your lower body.


If your reclining loveseat happens to have a few issues like squeaking or wobbling, then consider fixing it yourself. Fixing a wobbly recliner is not a challenging task and doing so can save you a lot of money. Instead of having to buy a new recliner or going through the trouble of throwing it away.


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