How To Fix Water Damaged Wood Table Polish Remover: 2 Ways

Maybe you have accidentally spilled water on your polished wood table, so you want to know how to fix water damaged wood table polish remover. You no longer need to worry much about this because you’ve found the right site to help you.

This article will guide you to two easy methods of fixing your water damage problem. Continue reading, and let’s get started! 

how to fix water damaged wood table polish remover


How Can You Repair A Water Damaged Wood Table Polish Remover?

You may opt to perform a visual inspection first before starting the repair. Knowing the extent of the water damage will help you determine which method you will need to fix the problem. 

After checking the wood table’s condition, you can choose between the two methods below on how to restore it. You can remove the stains or repair the entire wood table.


Method #1. Removing minor polish remover and water stains

If the water damage on your wood table is not severe, you can rest easy because removing water and polish remover stains is a piece of cake. You can follow these two steps below.


Step #1. Cleaning polish remover stains

Make the surface dry by wiping it using a dry cotton cloth. After that, mix vaseline and baking soda with a spoon. 

Grab your cleaning sponge and pour a spoonful of the mixture on its abrasive surface. Rub the polish remover stain on the wood table until it disappears.

Use a towel or soft cotton cloth to wipe the area clean. You can get your new wood polish to apply it again on the surface.

We recommend applying 2 to 3 coats to achieve better results.


Step #2. Fixing water stains

Start the process by creating a paste using small amounts of baking soda and water. Use a soft cotton cloth to rub the mixture on the water stains. 

Wipe the surface until the stains disappear. Apply new wood polish to make the wood table shine again.

If you do not have baking soda, you can use the following:

  • A mixture of combined equal parts of vinegar and olive oil
  • Antique or finishing oil; or
  • A non-gel toothpaste

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Method #2. Repairing major water damages

If you cannot fix the water damage by merely removing the stains, you may opt to remove the entire wood table’s water damaged polish, repair the damage, and restore its quality. Here are the steps in doing this process.


Step #1. Removing the wood table’s polish

Put cornstarch on the water damaged area. Allow it to sit and settle for around 10 minutes to absorb the wood polish completely. 

Get a dry cloth to wipe the surface afterward. You may also vacuum up or sweep the remaining cornstarch.

If you cannot find any cornstarch in your kitchen, you can continue the process using one of the following you want to use.

  • A mixture of combined equal amounts of water and white vinegar
  • A grease-cutting dish liquid mixed with water
  • Two bags of Lipton tea in a boiling water


Step #2. Restoring the wood table

First, move the wood table to open space. Ensure to put newspapers or plastic sheets on the floor.

If severely damaged parts are visible, you can remove them carefully. Get your filler-putty and use it to fill in the spaces where you’ve removed the water damaged areas.

Let the filler-putty dry. After that, use coarse grit sandpaper for sanding it down.

Ensure that the wood surface is as smooth as possible. It will help you in making it adhere to the paint later.

Apply primer first so that the paint can stay longer. Once the primer dries up, you can proceed with painting the wood table.

Lastly, apply wood polish to make it look new and shiny. After that, you’re good to go! 

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What Should You Do If The Water Damage Is Severe?

You may contact the nearest yet most trusted professional to help you if you think you cannot handle the water damage independently. Calling for assistance may also ensure that the process is correct.

However, you can experience one drawback: you need to spend extra money to pay for professional labor. It may be pretty expensive, but the outcome will be excellent.


Tips For Preventing Water Damage On Wood Table

Here are some tips we can offer to protect your wood table polish remover from water damage.

  1. Consider putting table covers
  2. Put placemats or coasters to prevent water stains and marks
  3. Avoid placing hot casseroles directly on the table
  4. Wipe water spills as soon as possible
  5. Be extra careful when placing beverages on wood tables



Isn’t it a relief that you’ve already known how to fix water damaged wood table polish remover? You can now start repairing it to save it from further damage.

You only need to ensure that you do the instructions correctly. In this way, you can guarantee that you’re on the right track!

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