How To Fix Water Damaged Windows In Mobile Home: 3 Steps

Like any concerned resident, a solution on how to fix water damaged windows in mobile home may cross your mind. Simple remedies such as wood putty and other sealants can fix it. Replacing broken windows is also a long-term remedy.

Security, safety, and general design requirements of mobile homes are improving as years go by. There are also mobile home parks that provide water, sewage, and electricity.

how to fix water damaged windows in mobile home

However, as much as mobile homes improved, the weather and other natural factors still risk damage. Rain showers and thunderstorms can damage mobile homes, especially your windows.

Make sure that your windows are in their best condition to keep your homes free from water damage. Mobile homes are prone to water damage due to the light materials they are built. This article covers easy to follow steps for you to repair your windows.


Repairing Water Damaged Windows In Mobile Home

Two of the most common mobile home windows are double-hung and single hung. There are also different types such as awning windows and a lot more. Repairing them can have minor differences to each kind, so better keep it in mind.


Step #1. Inspect your window’s overall condition

Look at the window’s general condition and decide from your judgment whether it needs repair or not. Rotten wood frames need replacement.

You should also check for moisture issues and gaps. Apply putty tape and caulking to seal leaks if they are present.


Step #2. Check your window’s functionality

Try moving your window and test its mechanisms. This action ensures whether the screws or hinges are still working well.

If the window is not functioning well, check for debris. Remove it with a small brush and vacuum after. Spray with silicone spray for additional protection.

For vertical or horizontal sliders, you should inspect the glider and plastic latches. These parts are prone to breakage. Replace them immediately if they are damaged.


Step #3. Examine weather stripping

Look at the weather stripping, if there is any, of the window. For slider types, it is the one that folds into the aluminum sash. You may need to replace it if it’s worn out, but if it’s not, then your window is still in good condition.


How To Replace Water Damaged Windows In Mobile Home

Repairing windows gets you so far as protecting your home temporarily. Replacing them, on the other hand, gives you more than protection. It also offers a chance to beautify or upgrade your mobile home.

Before getting on the task, it’s essential to think about your window of preference. You might also want to check how many windows need replacement or if it’s better to consider a whole restoration for your mobile home.

For safety, measure the size of your window or get professional advice on how to buy a replacement. You won’t want to go on double trips to the store!


Step #1. Remove old window

Of course! You would need to remove your old window to make space for new ones. Determine the placement of screws on the window frame, then unscrew them.

Be careful in doing this step, and having an assistant is best for it. After pulling out the window frame, remove the caulking that does not come off.


Step #2. Check the fit of the new window

You can interchange the first and second steps, although measurements are more precise after removing the old window frame. This is because the whole window area is available for size, including the spaces that windows can hide.

Make sure that you get the proper measurements for the window. It can either make or break your project, so it’s best to keep focus! Measure each side of the window and its diagonal area.


Step #3. Apply sealants and shims

After removing the old window, clean the area and check for damages. Fix the damaged window frame first before proceeding to avoid wasted time and effort.

Once the flange is cleaned, apply putty and sealants around the entire window frame. For extra protection, you can put two layers of putty above the opening.


Step #4. Install the new window

Install your brand-new window on the frame. Gently drill and secure all the screws first before tightening them. Seal them after tightening the screws with silicone.


What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance protects your home financially against natural or accidental circumstances. Owners of manufactured homes are recommended to get one for the security of their houses since these homes are made with light materials. Insurance coverage includes dwelling, personal property, loss of use, and liability.

You can ask a lawyer for more information and on how to apply for these coverages. Try to use insurance and help build a beautiful future for yourself and your family.



Since you learned the steps on how to fix water damaged windows in mobile home, it’s now time to apply them! Hurry up and try them on your windows.

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