How To Fix Water Damaged Upholstery Couch: 2 Easy Ways

Drying and disinfecting the furniture piece with baking soda is the best way how to fix water damaged upholstery couch. This method is helpful for a chair that has been soaked for a long time.

For minor stains, you may use a soap and water solution to remove the markings. Upholstery is a valuable type of furniture, so you must maintain it as much as possible.

how to fix water damaged upholstery couch


What Is An Upholstery Couch? 

Upholstery is the soft covering of a couch containing the webbing, padding, coils springs, foam, and fabric. These couches are comfortable, and they are perfect for an extended sit. You won’t sit directly on the wood, so it’s a popular choice for furniture coverings.


Benefits Of Upholstery Furniture

People prefer upholstery to a plain wooden couch, and there are several reasons why!


It’s soft and comfortable

You must have an upholstered sofa in your living room for the guests! This seat adds a classy aesthetic to your home, and it’s excellent for sitting.

Upholstered headboards are also desirable for people who love watching TV in bed. It’s a comfortable covering you can lean on.


It’s a versatile material

You can customize several aspects of your material, like the color, shape, and fabric. You can choose dark or bright colors to match the color scheme of your room, and it will look good on your material.

Do you want a classy or modern look? Upholstery can match any type! You can choose simple or complex shapes to match your style.

You can choose any comfortable fabric for your covering, like linen, velvet, silk, or cotton. Maybe you also want to add some patterns; there are no limits when styling upholstery!


Assessment Of Water Damage To Your Couch

Imagine an accident happens at home, and your living room becomes flooded. Can you still save your upholstered couch? How long can it be soaked in water before it’s too damaged?

There is no fixed time for soaking, so you must look for signs of permanent damage on the seat before you start refurbishing.

You should check the water type that flooded your home to determine the health risk factor.

  • Clean water – This water comes from your home supply lines, and it isn’t dangerous for your health. You can dry your couch quickly with no worries.
  • Gray water – Appliances may leak, and this water may contain some contaminants. However, you can still use your chair after proper drying and disinfecting.
  • Black water – This is water from the sewage or rivers, and it can be dangerous for your health. Check if mold is growing on your couch and dispose of it if the damage is too severe.


Step-By-Step Process On How To Dry A Water Damaged Upholstery Couch

Whether the damage is a small stain or a soaked couch, you must clean it as soon as possible to save your furniture.


Method #1. For minor stains

You can easily clean stains from water, coffee, juice, or tea.


Step #1. Vacuum the area

Vacuuming will help remove any loose dirt from your stain.


Step #2. Clean the area

Mix a solution of liquid dish soap and water, then use a cloth to dab the area. Scrub the stain with microfiber to remove it.

A vinegar and water solution is also a good choice. Just don’t make it too strong.


Step #3. Dry the area

Use a paper towel for drying or a blow dryer to prevent mold growth.


Method #2. Couch soaked with water for a long time

If your couch is soaked all the way, then it needs a little more work. Luckily, it’s a simple job that needs minimal materials!


Step #1. Wipe your furniture

Remove excess water with a cloth or paper towel. You will prevent the water from completely saturating your seat.


Step #2. Remove excess dirt

You can use a vacuum to clean excess debris.

Step #3. Move the couch to a dry area

The surroundings must be dry for the seat to recover correctly. Leave it in a dry garage or indoors with a protective tarp.


Step #4. Completely dry the couch

Use electric fans or a dehumidifier to completely dry your furniture. Make sure you get all areas, including the cushions and frame.


Step #5. Clean and deodorize the seat

Make a soap and water solution for cleaning, then sprinkle some baking soda on the couch to remove odors. Vacuum the powder after an hour.


Step #6. Disinfect the furniture

You must prevent mold and mildew growth, so use some color-safe disinfectant on your couch. Cover all the areas of your seat for the best protection.


Will Insurance Cover A Water Damaged Upholstery Couch? 

You may need professional help if the damage to your upholstery couch is too severe. However, this could be a considerable cost; can your insurance coverage include flood damages?

Sometimes you will need a separate flood insurance policy, especially for weather-related issues, but some home coverage can include flooding costs. You should consider the flood cause; it’s an essential factor.

An accident like a burst pipe can grant you benefits from your insurance company. However, poor upkeep and maintenance of the home may not earn you coverage.

Any accidental flooding that doesn’t include the weather can ensure the coverage of your furniture, so no need to worry about repair costs! Just remember to consult with your lawyer if you have additional questions about state laws.



Upholstery is an excellent addition to your home, and you must protect it from wear and tear. You will save on furniture repair expenses when you know how to fix water damaged upholstery couch. You should learn this essential home repair skill.

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