How To Fix Water Damaged Undersink Kitchen Cabinet: 3 Steps

The first step in knowing how to fix water damaged undersink kitchen cabinet is to remove the items inside it and let it dry. We will talk about the steps in fixing water-damaged under-sink cabinets and how to dry them below.

Apart from drying and repairing, we will also tackle the causes of undersink water damage and ways of protecting your kitchen cabinets. Lastly, we will talk about the cost of repairing so stay with us until the end!


Steps In Repairing Water Damaged Undersink Kitchen Cabinets


Step #1. Remove contents

Before fixing your water-damaged sink cabinet, you have to remove its contents. After that, check for damp areas and let them dry. Wipe away pooling if there is any.

Remove the doors to give you more space. Check if the cabinet’s doors are affected as well.


Step #2. Remove affected area

After checking for damp areas, remove the water-damaged areas of the cabinet with a hammer. The cabinet’s base is usually most affected by water, so check this part for damage and remove it accordingly.


Step #3. Repair as necessary

If your base is the only thing damaged, then all you have to do is replace it. First, build a frame for it and place the frame on the floor of your cabinet.

After that, measure the old base and trace those measurements to the new one. Then, secure the new floor on the frame of the cabinet. Sand the floor down and apply a sealant to waterproof it.

If your cabinet doors are affected, sand them down. Then, prime your cabinet’s doors using a shellac-based primer. Sand it down again, then apply paint.


Why are your under sink kitchen cabinets vulnerable to moisture?

Your under sink cabinets are susceptible to water damage because of their location. Other than leaks from your sink pipes, your kitchen cabinets are also vulnerable to overflow of your sinks.

Flooding due to your dishwasher can also endanger your under-sink kitchen cabinets. If your faucet is leaky and malfunctioning, it may lead to water damage to the area around your sink. Ultimately, the water may even reach the under sink cabinets.


Ways to protect your under-sink cabinets from water damage

Since undersink kitchen cabinets are vulnerable to water damage, we enumerated ways on how to protect them.


Waterproof shelf liner

Waterproof shelf liners are flexible liners that can protect the base of your cabinets from water and dust. They come in adhesive and non-adhesive options. Waterproof shelf liners come in rolls, so make sure you get the measurements down when covering your cabinet’s surface.


Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles

This is a famous alternative done by many homeowners. These peel-and-stick vinyl tiles act as a waterproof layer that protects your cabinet.

Like with adhesive waterproof shelf liners, you need to cut them appropriately. No area should not be exposed; otherwise, putting these vinyl tiles would be counterproductive.


Waterproof stain sealant

Wood is vulnerable to water. However, that does not stop homeowners from incorporating them in kitchens because of its elegant look. To protect your wooden cabinets, you can choose to waterproof them by sealing them with a lacquer or varnish.

Before sealing your cabinets’ surfaces, make sure to sand and prime them first. This is to help the varnish adhere to the surface better.

Ensure that the varnish you use is food grade and safe to be used in kitchens. Lastly, do not use the cabinet for several days to let the polyurethane sit and settle.


Regularly check for leaks

Maintenance is the primary key to preventing water damage to your kitchen cabinets. This is why you should regularly check your pipes.

Inspect the state of your under-sink pipes since they are more likely to get in contact with your under-sink cabinets. Also, to make your pipes last longer, try investing in PEX or copper pipes.


Seal everything

Water can get into anything as long as there’s space for it to permeate into. To prevent water from invading areas and damaging them, properly seal everything.

Caulk the tiny spaces to act as a barrier so that water cannot get into your cabinets. You can use caulks or sealants.

Sealants are more elastic, but caulks are thicker. Use either of them, depending on the surface you wish to seal.


Costs of repairing water-damaged under-sink cabinets

The cost of repairing water-damaged under-sink cabinets depends on the cabinets’ material and the extent of water damage. If the base is the only thing damaged by water, then the cost ranges from $150 to $200.

However, if the cabinets’ materials have become rotten, it calls for replacing the cabinet and installing a new one. In this case, the cost would range from $700 to $1000 for standard cabinets.

To apply for insurance, look into your insurance policies with your lawyer. This is so they can clarify with you if the water damage that occurred in your home is included in your insurance coverage.



We’ve laid down the steps on how to fix water damaged undersink kitchen cabinet. Hopefully, this article about under sink cabinets was of help to you.

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