Easy 5-Step Guide On How To Fix Water Damaged Treadmill

Working out while running on your treadmill is fun until you accidentally spill water on it. Here’s how to fix water damaged treadmill so you can continue working for the body you desire.

A good treadmill can last for 10 to 12 years if properly maintained. However, water damage can shorten its life. You can buy it now and have it broken the other day if you will not keep those water bottles away from it.

how to fix water damaged treadmill


Is It Okay For A Treadmill To Get Wet?

Technically, a treadmill can get wet, but it depends on the type of wet we are talking about.



Since treadmills are built to be used for working out or exercising, it cannot be avoided that sweat will go dropping on them. The treadmill is designed to handle this.

Its motor is covered, the console is covered with plastic, and the steel is specially coated to avoid rust. However, you should still wipe it with a cloth soaked in detergent. Just because it can take it doesn’t mean you’ll let it be — sweat is terrible!



Unlike with sweat, the treadmill can’t handle this much moisture. When you spill liquid onto the treadmill, it is when problems will start to arise.

Damage will depend on the amount you spilled and where you spilled it. Pray hard that it is only water because if it is some chemical, you might need to apply advanced actions and precautions.

When there is a spill, stop the belt immediately and unplug. Wipe the liquid with a towel and dry it overnight. Be sure to test run it for a few minutes before letting anyone use it.



Of course, it is not recommended to put electronic equipment like treadmills outside, even if they are entirely covered. The treadmill will suffer severe water damage if it has been wet by the rain.

In case it happens, let it dry completely. Then, call a technician and have the treadmill checked.



Just like the rain, a flood will also damage your treadmill depending on how high the water has gone up and how long it has been soaked. In case a flood is possible, make sure to put it in an elevated area where it can’t be reached by water.


What to do when the treadmill gets water damage?

Let’s say you accidentally spilled water on your treadmill, and it gets damaged; what will you do?

Step #1. The first thing you have to do is to unplug the treadmill. You have to make sure to avoid further problems compromising not just the equipment but, most importantly, your safety.

Step #2. After unplugging, wipe the exterior dry with rags or old towels. Pay attention to the display console and see if it has gotten wet.

Step #3. Now, remove the cover of the motor and lay it on the side. Be careful not to damage the handrails or the console, and let the water drain out. You can ask for help in laying the treadmill to the side as it may be too heavy for you to move it by yourself.

Step #4. After four hours, lay the treadmill to the other side and put a fan aiming at the motor compartment. Wait for another four to six hours, then turn off the fan. Leave the treadmill in that position for several days.

Step #5. When you are sure that all the water and moisture are gone, bring the treadmill back to the upright position. Then, call a qualified technician to evaluate it. They may find issues, but only time will really tell the true extent of the damage.


Is it cost-effective to repair water damaged treadmills?

You may successfully repair a water damaged treadmill, but it is still not likely to last long. It may work fine for a year or less and develop issues that will need another round of repair. You can go on and on like this, but is it cost-effective to keep on repairing?

At some point, you should stop. You could spend a bunch of money on repairs that may be more than the cause of buying a new one. You should discuss this with a professional thoroughly so you won’t compromise your safety for practicality.



Treadmills are very effective when it comes to handling immense weight and pounding, but they are weak when dealing with excessive moisture and water. It is such a sensitive fruit of technology that it requires much care and regular maintenance.

When dealing with water damaged treadmills, make sure that you ask for professional assistance if you are not knowledgeable enough to deal with it yourself. If you can’t fix it anymore, then let it be. You can replace a treadmill anytime but your health and safety should be a priority.

Since you have already spent a lot of money on this fitness equipment, you must make the most out of it and have your money’s worth. Now that you learned how to fix water damaged treadmill, please don’t be relieved and neglect your equipment. Instead, be more careful so you won’t have to do it.

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