How To Fix Water Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture In 12 Steps

Read this quick and easy step guide for those who want to know how to fix water damaged swollen wood furniture. In this article, we will also mention some tips and tricks for your furniture.


how to fix water damaged swollen wood furniture

What Are The Materials Needed?

Before you proceed to the process, make sure that you have the following materials. If you have the complete set of materials, you are good to go!


Fixing Your Swollen Furniture


Step #1. Make sure the furniture is dry

Right before you begin with the process, ensure that the piece of wood furniture is all dry. If you want to restore your furniture, you will need to do this procedure outside of your house or stay in your garage.


Step #2. Put on safety gears

While doing the procedure, ensure the safety precautions by wearing safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a dust mask. You need to consider your protection from the following steps that you will be performing later.


Step #3. Fix the texture of the furniture

For this step, you need to sand the wood. It will help you fix the texture of the furniture.

Right before you sand the wood, remove all the mold and mildew. When all is set, you can begin with using your sandpaper to smoothen the wood.


Step #4. Wipe down the speck of dust

Use your gloved hands to wipe down the area where there is a speck of sawdust for it to remove altogether.


Step #5. Clean with bleach 

There would be instances that you would not be able to smoothen your wood piece. The other option to clean it down is that you will need to mix up an amount of water and bleach.


Step #6. Scrub the wood

Scrub the wood by dipping the bristles of the scrub brush in the bucket to soak it with water.


Step #7. Use a microfiber towel to dry

To avoid being too moist for your wood, you need to use a microfiber towel to dry the piece of wood.


Step #8. Add furniture oil for a smooth look

After step 7, you need to add the oil for the furniture for a sleek appearance, and it can fix its color. Remember that when you add additional coats, they will have a darker wood color. Try to apply a few drops of furniture oil to the microfiber cloth and start rubbing the oil to the wood piece.

Note: Add as much as you need for your coatings.


Step #9. Let furniture oil dry

Let the wood material dry. Once this dries, you can begin with moisturizing the material.

The moisturizer helps the wood to avoid any water damage. Apply the moisturizer with a clean cloth, then wipe the table evenly so that the moisturizer will sink into the wood. It’ll help if you let the wood dry out.


Step #10. Mix mineral oil with distilled vinegar

Actually, this is the last step in repairing the water-damaged swollen wood, and you will need to mix one cup of mineral oil with a fourth of a cup with your distilled vinegar.


Step #11. Polish the piece of furniture

Suppose you want to have a better appearance for your restored furniture by dipping a clean microfiber cloth into the polish you created. When you polish your piece of furniture, make sure to follow the grains of wood.


Step #12. Clean extra polish

Right after you have polished your restored furniture, you will need to use the buffing cloth that you have to clean up the extra polish left when you perform the restoration of your damaged swollen wood.


Things to remember in restoring your furniture


Try it before you complain

Do not call for a lawyer for your furniture problem! Having water-damaged furniture in your house surely does not cover your house insurance.

Although it may seem too impossible to fix, you can save up money by performing the proper steps to restore your swollen furniture instead of throwing out your purchase. Do not stress out because of the terrible damage it has.


When there are no more options, you can call a professional

It is okay to give up on things that can’t be fixed on your own if you think that it is too much to handle. When you have a house that has insurance coverage, it would be best to call a professional if you have no options left to fix your problem.

Not all houses are insured, but if you can not do it independently, it would be a great decision to ask for help from people who have the forte to restore damaged furniture.



We are happy that you have reached this point of the article on how to fix water damaged swollen wood furniture. It would be best to follow these rules given in this worthwhile read and remember the tips that you should remember.

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