How To Fix Water Damaged Ping Pong Table: 3 Helpful Steps

For those interested on how to fix water damaged ping pong table, you should check out this worthwhile read! Make sure to stay in touch with this article; we offer the best quick and easy steps to solve other problems that your ping pong tabletop is currently facing.


how to fix water damaged ping pong table

Materials Needed

Before anything else, ensure that you’ve got the following materials. When you’re all set, you’re good to go!


Steps To Repair Water Damaged Ping Pong Table


Step #1. Choose your bonding agent

There are various options that you can check out for fixing your water damaged ping pong table. The PVA wood glue is the most effective bonding agent that is specifically great for these tables. It’s an excellent alternative for contact adhesive, though this does not have the same effects as regular wood glue.


Step #2. Prepare the tabletop

You will have to lift the peeling laminate and prop it open for you to clean the exposed surfaces. Use a dry 1 to 2 inches paintbrush and apply a thin coat of wood glue on each surface.


Step #3. Apply pressure

When you apply wood glue on something, the tendency is to have a powerful bond between two surfaces. However, you’ll have to apply a lot of pressure to join them right after applying an adhesive.

If you have a woodcraft clamp, this will help you perform this step. Place it on a flat piece of wood on top of the bonded ping pong table and clamp it very tightly to its base.


Repairing Holes In A Ping Pong Table


Step #1. Set it up

You’ll need to set up the following materials: a small plank of wood, wax paper, wax-based wood filler, duct tape, sanding tools/ sheets. Get a wooden plank and apply it with your wax paper.

The wooden plank will be placed underneath your ping pong table. You don’t have to cover the plank. Just use a good amount when you look through your table.

Paper covers the wooden plank to the bottom part of your ping pong table, and you’ll have to use your duct tape. Use enough amount to keep your plank firm set in place.

Note: Don’t make your tape work too hard.


Step #2. Clean up the hole

Ensure that the hole has been smoothened by reducing the fragments and eliminating the jagged edges surrounding the hole.


Step #3. Prepare and apply wood filler

Ensure that your fixing place is well ventilated right before you begin. We suggest wearing a face mask since wood fillers have a strong aroma if you’re sensitive to specific scents.

The process of applying wood filler should be started and be settled within about 15 minutes. Once everything is set, you’ll need to wait for 3-4 hours for them to harden and dry out.


Step #4. Sand the hole and next steps

When your filler hardens, you might notice that the ping pong table is raised or has this bumpy visual. Sand the dried filler down to the right level. You can stop smoothing it out if you are satisfied with the result.


Step #5. Paint the tabletop

Get the closest color for your table to hide all the fixed holes and for your table to look good as new!


Fixing Warped Ping Pong Table Top


Step #1. Remove tabletop

We value your safety when you try to perform this procedure on your own. That’s why we highly recommend that you remove the tabletop so that the table won’t collapse and hurt you.

It’ll also make your repair smooth and fast. You’ll have to remove the screws that connect the table with its legs.


Step #2. Assess the damaged area

Always check for dampness. Look from top to bottom and locate the damage for you to have a game plan for your ping pong table restoration. If the table were left with a fester damp for an extended period, this would require more attention since this is too delicate.


Step #3. Place a large plastic sheet

It’s an essential step since having this kind of setup will serve as a primer to weigh down the warps of the ping pong table top. You’ll need to place the tabletop side down on your plastic sheet.


Step #4. Put weights on the warped areas 

Put on weights on the damaged areas for up to 2 days. This part should have more than enough to fix the warping of the tabletop.

It’d be best to get some help from your friend or relative to re-attach the tabletop of the legs. Please don’t forget your screws!



We’re glad to see you up to this point of the article on how to fix water damaged ping pong table. Fixing this type of damage will cost you about $450 to $750, which is reasonable. We hope that this read is worthy of your time!

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