2 Effective Ways On How To Fix Water Damaged Nightstand Top

Use some baking soda for watermarks, or fill in the cracks with resin glue for peeling wood. These are the ways on how to fix water damaged nightstand top easily.

Whether you like antique, contemporary, or simple laminated wood, everyone can agree that a nightstand is an essential part of the bedroom. It’s helpful for storage, and it adds an aesthetic to the area. Most homes have this furniture, so several people understand the pain of a water damaged nightstand.

how to fix water damaged nightstand top


Why Does Water Affect Your Furniture?

Nightstand tops are usually made of wood, and homeowners sometimes forget how to take care of them. Since it’s right beside your bed, you may leave water on top of it. Sometimes, the moisture marks from the glass can stain the tabletop.

Wood can swell or crack when it’s exposed to water for an extended time, so you should learn how long before wood gets damaged from water. Mold can also develop when you don’t address a water damage problem right away.


Step-By-Step Process On Repairing Water Damaged Nightstand Top 

Various wood types can react differently to water damage. You should know what your nightstand is made of so you can look out for any signs.


Method #1. Cleaning water stains 

Nightstands usually get stains from a glass or vase. The moisture from these objects can leave marks when you don’t have any cover.


Step #1. Prepare your materials

You can find the cleaning materials you need at home.

  • Mixing bowl
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • A soft cloth

Combine the baking soda and water in the bowl until you have a paste. You can substitute this mixture with vinegar and olive oil or non-gel toothpaste.


Step #2. Apply the paste to the wood

Use the cloth to apply the mixture to the stains. Rub it in the direction of the wood grain, and continue until the mark comes off


Step #3. Dry the area 

Once the mark is clear, wipe off the paste with a damp cloth and leave it to dry. Now your nightstand top is back to normal!


Method #2. Fixing peeling wood 

Some nightstands are made with veneer and this kind of wood peels when it’s damaged. You can fix this problem with some handy D.I.Y.


Step #1. Prepare your materials 

You can find these helpful tools in any hardware store.

  • 100-grit sandpaper
  • Resin glue
  • Wood dough
  • Water
  • Masking tape
  • Putty knife

Mix the resin glue with water to make a paste.


Step #2. Sand the top

Remove all the loose fibers with your sandpaper. Use the wood grain as your scrubbing guide. Remember to remove all the debris before you put the resin.


Step #3. Repair the loose areas

Use the putty knife to put the resin under all the loose parts; make sure to fill in all the cracks. Cover the wood with masking tape and leave everything to dry for 24 hours when you’re finished.


Step #4. Do the finishing touches

Remove the tape once the resin is dry and sand the tabletop until it’s smooth. Now, apply wood dough on any leftover damaged areas, and sand the nightstand once again.


Step #5. Apply some lacquer 

This coat will help protect your nightstand from future damage. Make sure the nightstand is clear of debris before you apply the lacquer.

Repairing a nightstand top is simple; it’s pretty similar to the process on how to fix a dresser. Just remember to work on it before the damage becomes too severe.


How To Prevent Damage On Your Furniture

Repairing a water damaged nightstand top isn’t tricky, but you need to ensure it doesn’t happen often.


Put a layer of protective finish

Do you remember the step about applying lacquer? It’s an excellent way to keep your nightstand safe because it’s stain-resistant! Varnish is also a good choice, but it takes longer to dry than lacquer.


Use proper polishing and cleaning agents

You can find the best furniture cleaners in your kitchen cabinet! Lemon and olive oil, or water and hand soap can do the job perfectly.


Use coasters and pads

All your coatings will be useless if your nightstand is constantly exposed to moisture. A coaster can help protect your wood from the condensation of a glass or a vase.


Will Insurance Cover Your Water Damaged Nightstand?

Sometimes, the nightstand damage is too much for D.I.Y. to handle, and you need professional help. So, what should you do? The expense may take a toll on your wallet; can your insurance help you?

It all depends on how your furniture got damaged. Usual insurance coverage includes sudden discharge or overflow from pipes or appliances.

Sometimes damage from snow and sleet can be included in your policy. It all depends on the inclusions.

Flooding usually isn’t covered by home insurance, and you will need to get a separate policy for this concern. Gradual water damage from negligence may also be rejected by your insurance coverage.

Policies usually focus more on sudden accidents that can’t be controlled. Just remember to review your policy thoroughly and ask the help of a lawyer if you have any concerns.



Nightstands are a beautiful piece to add to your home. Sadly, they are prone to water damage due to how many times they get used.

You can keep your furniture in its best shape when you know how to fix water damaged nightstand top. You can also protect it from water damage, so you don’t have to spend time and effort repairing it.

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