5 Easy Steps On How To Fix Water Damaged MDF Baseboard

Is your MDF Baseboard water damaged? This guide will demonstrate how to fix water damaged MDF baseboard.

When a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) sustains water damage, it swells and gets distorted. If you want to restore a water damaged MDF, the best solution is to replace it, but if the damage is not that serious, you can attempt repair. 

how to fix water damaged mdf baseboard


Steps In Repairing MDF Baseboard

If your MDF hasn’t crumbled, warped, or separated from itself, you may be able to repair it. However, items exposed to water for a long time may not be possible to repair.

Below are the steps in repairing an MDF baseboard that sustained water damage. 


Step #1. Sand the baseboard

Thoroughly sand the baseboard using 80-grit sandpaper attached to a hand block. Strip all the paint if the water damage covers the length of the baseboard, but if the damage is seen only in small areas, you may sand the affected area only. 


Step #2. Prepare the resin glue

Mix a powdered resin wood glue with water according to the instructions stated on the label. Fill the separations and cracks with the resin glue using a paintbrush, and let the glue dry overnight. 


Step #3. Fill all the damaged areas

Fill the remaining pits and gouges where the resin glue shrank. Use wood filler and a putty knife, and sand the surface using 100-grit sandpaper as soon as the putty is dry.


Step #4. Sand the shallow curves

Fold the 100-grit sandpaper into thirds, and use it to replicate lines in the molding. Slide the sandpaper’s edge along existing lines to create new lines, and don’t forget to sand the shallow curves. 


Step #5. Apply the sealant

Apply the sealant to the sanded areas using a brush and put two coats of water-resistant paint on the MDF’s surface to match the existing color.


Tips And Tricks In Cleaning Baseboards

Methods in cleaning baseboards can either be easy or complicated, but one of these tips and tricks might fit your style of cleaning. Below are some tips and tricks you should try to clean your baseboards. 


Magic eraser method

Prepare a bucket of warm soapy water, get a stack of the magic eraser, and gently wipe. Squeeze the sponge well so that you don’t leave damp boards to dry.


Cleaning wipes method

Use cleaning wipes to wipe the surface of the baseboard and keep it clean from time to time. The drawback is that it uses disposable products, which can be more wasteful. 


Dryer sheet method

A fabric softener sheet with Swiffer can help coat your baseboards with dust repelling properties. 


Broom method

You might also do dusting to make it easier for you by using only the available tools for the job. Use a small handheld broom or a clean paintbrush for dusting. 


How To Maintain The Best Quality Of Your MDF Baseboard

A liter of paint and a small sponge roller can make them look good as new. If the baseboards are in the bathroom or kitchen, remember to get colors designed for water resistance to be much easier to maintain in the future. 

A vacuum brush tool can keep the dust away from the surface. A damp cloth can do wonders on splashes and marks as well.

Commercial establishments have plastic baseboards, which can last a long time. Whatever your preferred style is, a clean baseboard can give that “sparkling clean” feeling to your home. 


Baseboard Styles And Profiles 

Your baseboard may appear like a small detail in home design, but choosing the best baseboard style can give a whole new look to your room. 


Flat baseboard molding

The traditional style works well with the interior design, and it is the simplest style you can get for a baseboard. You may pick the flat baseboard style if you want a minimalist look to your room.


Vinyl baseboard styles

Vinyl-coated MDF is one of the most popular baseboard styles. You can miter, cut, and set it up like any other baseboard. 

A vinyl-coated baseboard can come in various styles and is common in houses or offices. 


High trim profile

If you see your local home improvement store, you’ll see many options with trim profiles. You may adjust the height of your baseboard if you have a high ceiling. 


Clamshell baseboard

Are you looking for a baseboard option that doesn’t look very common? You can go with the clamshell baseboard. 

It’s not like the traditional style with a square edge. 


Is MDF Baseboard Worth The Buy?

A baseboard can come in different shapes, materials, and prices. Each baseboard material has its pros and cons, so choose a baseboard material depending on the considerations about your home’s design. 

Are you on a budget plan? An MDF baseboard might be the best option since it can help you get the best look of your baseboard. 

They are affordable, durable, and paintable. In addition to that, an MDF baseboard can come in many styles and profiles. 

The downside of an MDF baseboard is that it can’t be durable enough for exterior use as it’s not moisture resistant.



Now that you already know how to fix water damaged MDF baseboard, you can now take necessary action if your MDF baseboard sustains water damage. Just see to it that you have all the tools needed to perform the repair nicely. 

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