How To Fix Water Damaged Lion Claw Table Feet: 4 Easy Steps

If you’re wondering how to fix water damaged lion claw table feet, you have come to the right place! Lion claw table feet can showcase designing skills, elegance, and ancientness. However, they are also prone to various water damages, just like any wooden furniture.

This article will be such great help for you in repairing your lion claw table feet. We will provide quick steps and tips to assist you. You only need to continue reading this as we get into it!

how to fix water damaged lion claw table feet


How Can You Fix Water Damaged Lion Claw Table Feet?

There are only four steps to fix your water damaged lion claw table feet. You only need to clean, dry, remove, and replace damaged areas. To further explain this, here are some detailed instructions below!


Step #1. Dry your lion claw table feet

Before starting the repairing process, you must ensure that your lion claw table feet are clean and disinfected. Check them properly to see if there are molds or any other damage. If there are dirt or molds, clean them with bleach solutions or wipe them off with a clean cloth.

After that, take time to let your lion claw table feet dry up. You can dry it under the heat of the sunlight or with the use of hair dryers. It would be best if you let it dry entirely before repairing it.


Step #2. Remove water damaged parts

After letting your lion claw table feet dry up, you need to remove the water damaged areas. You can use a plane to remove and flatten up the surface. Removing the affected areas can give you space where you can insert your new wood or material.


Step #3. Replace the removed areas

Measure the area to know how much wood you will need to replace the damaged parts. After that, create an outline of your wood so that you know where you will cut it. This part is crucial because you need to ensure not to cut away too much wood.

After cutting the needed wood, use wood glue to attach the new wood to the area. Cut off the excess parts to make your carving process more manageable. You can use a chisel for this part.

Next, start carving your wood to make it look similar to the original one. If you are working on the toes of the lion claw table feet, you can use the other feet as your references. It would be best if you carve it beautifully, making it look more natural.


Step #4. Apply finishing touches

Applying final touches is essential after carving the wood. This part can make your lion claw table feet look new.

Sand down the wood to smoothen its surface. After that, you are free to put some oil stains and dye stains on them.

You should ensure that the color of the table matches the repaired part. You can also adjust the shape of your carved wood and the colors until you feel satisfied with your lion claw table feet.


Can I Hire Someone To Fix It For Me?

You can follow do-it-yourself steps, but you can also hire professionals if you think the water damage is too difficult for you to handle. If you are sure that you can fix it alone, you can proceed with the repair. Otherwise, it will be risky to do it yourself if you have no idea about it at all.

There are many companies today that can help you with that. They can provide the best way to fix your lion claw table feet. In that case, you can ensure the quality of the repair.


Helpful Tips For Repairing Water Damage

Repairing water damages can be frustrating for every homeowner. It takes too much time and effort to do it. To help you with that matter, here are some helpful tips that can make your repair process less stressful.

  • Identify the cause of the water damage and fix it immediately to avoid further damages. Repairing furniture without mending the source of the water leak will be of no use because the same thing may happen again.
  • Try your best to place vulnerable items or furniture in areas far from water damages.
  • If you notice a water leak in your house, you should not wait to let things worsen before fixing them. It will be best to inspect and repair the water leak immediately.
  • Check your insurance for your furniture to ensure if the insurance coverage covers water damages. However, some companies only provide insurance for accidental water damages, but not for damages caused by negligence.



Restore your furniture’s beauty and function with these steps on how to repair water damaged lion claw table feet. If you want to cut costs and avoid further damages and expenses, it will be a great help to start repairing yours now. You only need to do the instructions correctly, and you are good to go!

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