How To Fix Water Damaged Lightning Port Charger: 5 Easy Steps

Of course, the answer to the question ‘how to fix water damaged lightning port charger’ is to let it dry like how you are used to dealing with all electronic gadgets. However, is just allowing it to dry an ideal solution?

Letting it dry is probably the best solution we can give you. However, waiting for it to completely dry up may cost a significant amount of time and patience. Fear not, because we will be giving you great advice on how to speed up the drying process of your lightning port.

how to fix water damaged lightning port charger

We will give you five easy steps you can follow to fix that water-damaged lightning port charger.


What Is A Lightning Port Charger?

The lightning connector is a cable you use on your Apple devices to connect it to your personal computer, USB charger, external monitors, or other devices. Apple first introduced it on the 12th day of September in 2012.

The lightning connector is the widely used connector for most Apple devices. It has acquired the trademark and the copyrights for the charger’s design.

Historically speaking, Apple Inc. released the lightning connector to replace their 30-pin dock connector.


Reasons Why Your Charging Port Is Wet

There are multiple reasons why your charging port is wet, and here are some of those reasons.


Reason #1. Showering with your phone

Showering with your phone might be good if you have an emergency call, and you can answer it right away. Or maybe you want to listen and dance to music while you take your own time showering.

Whatever your case, taking your phone with you in the shower might be why your charging port is wet.


Reason #2. Rainfall

Unfortunately, you have to walk in the pouring rain when you forget your umbrella and cannot find anywhere to stop. However, it is most unfortunate for your phone if you cannot put it to safety before running through that rain.


Reason #3. Using it in the pool

It is fun to take poolside pictures with your swimsuit and post it on your social media to share with your friends. Still, sometimes, our fortunes may run out, and accidents like your phone slip through your hand and make their way to the pool.


Reason #4. Spills

It is unfortunate if you spill the drink on the table when you are clumsy. And those accidents somehow involve you spilling it on top of the table where your phone is.

Okay, these scenarios are somehow not often to occur, but like what they always say, ‘prevention is better than cure’. It is for the better to keep your phone away from water as much as possible.


Why Water Can Cause Damage To Your Gadgets

Maybe you are asking why are electronics damaged by water, and the best way to answer that is, water conducts electricity and may cause a short circuit.

Water in its pure form (distilled water) is not relatively dangerous to your electronic gadgets. The tap water that you use in your everyday life is harmful. 

Tap water consists of impurities, which may lead to your device overheating and eventually lead to short-circuiting. 

If you do not know how long does it take to repair water damaged phone, check this article from us.


Steps To Get Rid Of Water From Your Charging Port

The main reason your lightning charging port has water damage is because water is inside your port. So, here are easy steps for you to fix your water-damaged lightning port according to Apple support.


Step #1. Unplug your device

When your charging port is wet, there should be a notice on your iPhone saying that your port is wet. Once you see it, make sure to unplug your phone immediately.

Unplugging your phone from the charger ensures that further water damage to your device will be prevented.


Step #2. Tap your iPhone gently

Gently tap your iPhone against your hand with the lightning port facing down to remove water from your port. Let gravity do its work to remove the water off your device.

Remember to tap it, do not shake your iPhone, or it will damage your device more instead of fixing it.


Step #3. Let it sit

After tapping the water out of your iPhone, leave it somewhere where air can flow through its port for 30 minutes. 

Do not use any heat source or compressed air and let it naturally dry because it may harm your device.


Step #4. Plug your charger to check

After letting it sit for 30 minutes, plug your charger again to see if the port is already dry. If it is already dry, your iPhone will continue charging as it usually does.

The notice will pop up again on your screen if it is still wet.


Step #5. Leave it for a day

If the port is still wet, kidly leave your iPhone unplugged and with proper airflow from the port for at least 24 hours to make sure it is dry.

Ensure that you will not put anything inside your port like cotton buds or tissue, or a towel to suck the wetness off because it will harm your device and not fix it. 

Do not also put your iPhone in a bag of rice to dry it up because it will just accumulate unnecessary particles that will ruin your device.



This article just provided you with five easy steps on how to fix water damaged lightning port charger. We are hopeful that this article has provided you with a knowledge-filled article to guide you with your problem.

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