4 Reliable Tips On How To Fix Water Damaged Ipod Classic

Following the correct repair process can help you how to fix water damaged ipod classic. People always bring their gadgets everywhere they go, so we cannot avoid unexpected circumstances.

Unexpected circumstances refer to the possible accidents that may happen when you bring your gadgets anywhere just like your ipod. It is more problematic when it is exposed to water because it might result in damage.

how to fix water damaged ipod classic

There are a lot of reasons why an ipod is being water damaged. You have to figure it out so you would know what is the right thing to do.

Go on and just continue reading this article to find out more that will surely help you throughout the process!


Water Damaged Ipod Classic

Water damage means an object is exposed to water which can lead to any kind of damage. Concerning this, water damage in the ipod classic might be caused by various reasons which you need to identify.

The damage that your ipod classic can get might be because of a soda spill, a splash of water in the pool area, or even anything that relates to water activities. It is a must to be mindful of your actions to prevent accidents like this.

It is true that the ipod classic is a lightweight and handy gadget, so it is expected that people will bring this anywhere and anytime. However, it is your responsibility to be careful so you can avoid unnecessary situations.

If we are talking about the company that issued this type of gadget, they do not cover water damaged cases with their one-year warranty. They also have this system to know what causes its damage.

Some accessories like a waterproof ipod case are indeed helpful to protect your gadget from water damage. However, if the damage happens to get through the internal parts, it is already a different situation where you already need to follow some process.

If you wish to dig deep about the effects of water on electronics, you can check out why are electronics damaged by water. However, you may also continue reading other portions of this article to find out the right process for your water damaged ipod classic.


Tips To Fix Water Damaged Ipod Classic

Believe it or not, you can still deal with your water damaged ipod classic. It might be confusing and complicated at first, but remember that following the right process will help you fix this.

Listed below are the following ways you can consider fixing your ipod classic.


Tip #1. Turn off the ipod classic

The first thing that you have to do is to turn off your ipod classic when it is exposed to water. It is challenging and hard to deal with gadgets that have short-circuited.

To avoid worsening the situation, you have to remove the gadget as fast as you can from the water and quickly turn off the ipod classic. Do not open it because it may spread to the internal parts of the gadget.

If you are curious about the short circuits, you can visit what chemical works for water damaged circuit boards for reliable details.


Tip #2. Remove visible water

After turning off the ipod classic, you have to make sure that you remove all the visible water. In doing this, you can shake it carefully and wipe it with a clean cloth. 

You need to check each area including the dock connector, headphone jack, buttons, and player. Remember that it is not recommended to use a blow dryer or other heat devices because it may damage the plastic components in the ipod. 


Tip #3. Dry it in a warm place

After removing the water from the gadget, you still have to dry it by putting it in a warm place. This way can guarantee you that all moisture coming from the water exposure will be eliminated.

Some examples of warm places that you can consider are on the top of a television, refrigerator, or any other warm spots. You can also consider the rice technique in this matter wherein you need to put the ipod classic in a bowl of rice and leave it for days to absorb the water and moisture.


Tip #4. Disassemble parts carefully

If you wish to disassemble the parts of your ipod to dry it easily, you are free to do so. However, you need to be careful in doing this. 

When you are able to do this process, you can wipe the inner parts using a soft cloth and alcohol. You can also apply the rice procedure with the inner parts once you have properly disassembled the gadget.



Our ipod’s exposure to water might be a hassle, but the important thing is we already have an idea of how to fix water damaged ipod classic. It is hard to maintain a gadget especially when there’s a huge possibility of unexpected circumstances.

The only thing that you can do is to embrace it and find ways how you can deal with the problem. This article provides you with reliable details and tips that can help you in fixing your water damaged ipod classic.

Remember that you always have to be hardworking, careful, and patient in following the tips because everything is not easy and instant. You have to work for something if you really want to achieve it.

However, always believe that it is better if you will prevent doing things that may lead to unreasonable and uncontrollable situations.

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