How to Fix Rattan Loveseat Legs

The loveseat, which was first introduced in the 1600s, is a seat designed to accommodate only two people comfortably. Loveseats can be made from rattan. If you have one at home that needs fixing, we will tackle the question of how to fix rattan loveseat legs here.


how to fix rattan loveseat legs

Rattan is a lightweight vine that grows in the South East. It is extremely flexible and durable, and it grows quickly. The strands of this palm tree cousin are being collected, and their skins are being peeled off and used for weaving and binding joints. 


The core is being used to make furniture, and it is being steamed and sliced into various shapes. Rattan provides numerous options for crafting furniture, including color.  


With a wide range of naturally available colors, you can create sets of different colors or a single set of multiple colors, experimenting with patterns as you go. Rattan loveseats look great in sunrooms, porches, and living rooms. 


Rattan is extremely durable, fashionable, and long-lasting which is a sign of high-quality furniture. The classic woven rattan loveseat texture is instantly recognizable, highly sophisticated, and will remain fashionable for many years to come. 


The design, which seamlessly blends country chic and modern minimalism, adds a touch of elegance to any garden or outdoor space.


You can repair broken legs on a natural rattan loveseat, but they will most likely not be an exact match. Find a piece of wood with the same diameter as the broken piece. Broom handles are sometimes nearly the same size or try to find a junk shop piece of furniture with the same legs. 


How to fix rattan loveseat legs


Repair a broken leg rattan loveseat quickly and affordably.


  1. Drill a 1” deep hole down the center of the broken leg and a 5/8” diameter hole down the center of the new piece of wood.
  2. Make the new piece of leg a little longer than you think you’ll need.
  3. Insert a 2″ piece of 5/8″ diameter doweling into each of the drilled holes, then push the new piece of the leg onto the other end of the doweling.
  4. Maintain pressure on the new joint with a weight on the chair until the glue has hardened.
  5. Cut the new leg back gradually until the chair is level.
  6. To match the rest of the chair, stain or paint the new leg.

If the leg has snapped, you can simply insert a new piece using this method.


How do I stop my rattan furniture from splitting?


Boiled linseed petroleum application. The restoring effect on rattan is boiling linseed oil. The dry, split, or cracked rattan is a beneficial mending. Clean the furniture first and let it dry for the application of linseed oil. Apply a preliminary coat to the rattan using a paintbrush.


Is rattan furniture fine in the rain?


Modern, synthetic furnishings in rattan garden consist of durable plastic, which is non-sun, rain, or high temperature. It is UV-proof, rustproof, and waterproof, making it furniture for your gardens little maintenance.


How do you deep clean rattan furniture?


A 1/4 cup liquid plaster soap and two tables of warm water are a great all-around cleaning option for outdoor wicker furnace furniture. Wash the wicker with a sponge or a soft cloth and then rinse the suds with a garden pan. 


Add a cup of white vinegar to the solution for the elimination of mold and mildew.


How to repair a piece of rattan furniture?


It is also possible to refurbish rattan furniture. As usual, start by washing and drying the artwork. Apply a “fluid sander” as you cannot san rattan generally. Use two thin clothing and allow them to dry again between coats if you apply the same color finish as previously.


Can I keep my natural rattan furniture out in winter?


Natural furniture in rattan is not appropriate for external usage in summer or winter either. It is exclusively interior furnishings, however, on a dry day, you may use it outside and stand on a firm surface. 


The legs might enlarge and split due to the natural level of wetness on the grass if they stay on the grass. At night, the furniture should be within the hall.


You have to consider the humidity levels of plants to be excessive moisture that can lead to warping and the forming of natural materials when you want the furniture for a garden room.




We know rattan for its strength and durability, but the quality of the synthetic version will vary depending on the materials used and where you purchased it. Cheaper synthetic rattan loveseats will be weaker than higher-quality rattan loveseats.


The rattan loveseat has a lot of advantages. It is environmentally friendly furniture that does not contribute to global deforestation. It is both long-lasting and fashionable for your outdoor space. In fact, even older pieces are still fashionable. You can buy a rattan loveseat knowing that your children’s children will be able to use it in their own homes.


There are a few drawbacks to having a rattan loveseat. There are drawbacks that most furniture has when it is being used. You’ll need to take proper care of it and keep it away from harsh environments. Just follow these ways on how to fix rattan loveseat legs.


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