How To Fix Orange Flame On Gas Stove? Interesting Facts To Read!

Do you want to know how to fix orange flame on gas stove? In this article, you will learn how to fix those orange flames in a few simple steps.

Maintenance for a gas stove is truly different from an electric stove. That is why it is important to know what your gas stove flames mean.

how to fix orange flame on gas stove

Unlike an electric stove, gas stoves depend on their fire quality to perform well. You can have more precise heat control with an even and healthy stove fire. Some people can get a little intimidated by the disassembling and assembling of their gas stoves, but there’s no need after knowing your stove.

Gas stoves can work without any electricity. To do this, you will need a match, lighter, or any device that can produce a spark or fire. First, put the flame near the burner holes or the flame port. Then turn the dial associated to the burner you are pointing the flame toward. As soon as the burner ignites, you can fire the match and use the dial to adjust the burner’s flame.

When you are finished with the gas stove, turn the dial all the way off just like you usually would. Gas stoves are convenient in times of power outages because of this feature. Keep on reading to know more!

What Should I Know About Gas Stove Flame Color?

The standard healthy gas stove flame would generally be blue. This is usually seen for new gas stoves as they are in tip-top shape. A blue flame is also an indicator of a well-kept gas stove. A properly adjusted and maintained gas stove contributes to reasonable heat control and heat transfer. So how would you be able to tell when your gas stove’s burner is out of adjustment? It’s a good idea to learn how to adjust the flame on a gas stove.

As you have read, the healthy flame color for a gas stove is blue. So what does it mean to have found some orange and yellow flames on your gas stove? Don’t worry; we’re going to tell you how to fix orange flame on a gas stove with a bit of understanding as to what causes it. Within a few minutes, your gas stove will be bursting with a lively blue flame again. You may also want to read how to connect a gas stove


Orange And Yellow Gas Stove Flames

Let us talk about what causes these orange and yellow flames on a gas stove. But, do not fret because this is a regular occurrence at some point in your stove’s lifespan. Your gas stove can still go on many years with the proper maintenance.

The orange color of your gas stove flame indicates improper combustion. This could be unsafe as it may emit dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide into the house and even more concerning if it is located in a closed area. Your gas stove safely ignites because it is designed to supply the proper amount of balanced fuel. A balanced fuel would mean the right amount of oxygen which also brings about carbon dioxide or CO2.

When the fuel balance is tipped, it could result in having carbon monoxide as its byproduct. Hence, creating a yellow or orange flame. Although the fire might look a little more heated, don’t be fooled by color theory. These flames are more relaxed in temperature than blue flames. In effect, this causes the flames to be less efficient, and there will be an unbalanced heat transfer. Know more about why is the flame on my gas stove orange


Ways To Fix Orange Flame On Gas Stove

So, how to fix orange flame on gas stove? The cause for this could be the insufficient air supply. The burner could not be getting enough air for good combustion. Your air inlet could be clogged with debris or dust that is causing the restriction of air supply. Knowing your fuel supply could also help address the problem. Some fuels require more air supply, so the orifices of your burner could fit the needs of your fuel. That is why it is essential to know your gas stove before choosing a fuel for it. Know the different types of stoves.

An easy solution for this is to let your stove cool for a few minutes. Once cooled down, proceed to lift the stovetop and remove the stove grates. Next, find the air shutter that is usually found behind the gas valve. Then turn on your burner while slowly opening the shutter. Find the right spot where the fuel has had the right amount of airflow, and you will see the flame will turn blue.


How To Fix An Uneven Flame

An uneven flame on your gas stove could be caused by your gas jet being blocked. The gas jet is located in the middle inside of a gas burner. The gas travels and is placed in a calculated spot where the flame can combust evenly. When it is blocked, the flames would no longer be even, and this causes inefficient cooking. You can unclog a gas jet by using a brush or a small needle to fit into the hole and clear it. It’s best to understand what to do when you gas cooktop has weak flames.



We hope you were able to learn how to fix orange flame on gas stove and other maintenance needs. Remember always to practice safety protocol. Thank you for reading!

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