How To Fix Leather Sofa Peeling In 3 Easy Steps

You have three steps to learn how to fix leather sofa peeling at home. Do not worry because we will teach you the safest remedy, and you won’t risk damaging your couch further. Remember that popular DIY methods are pretty risky, so we chose the best and tested three-step solution to restore your leather sofa.

But why is your leather couch peeling? We will also answer some commonly asked questions regarding leather sofas. You can also read this guide on reupholstering a leather couch if the damages are too severe.

How To Fix Leather Sofa Peeling


How Do You Fix A Peeling Leather Couch?


Step 1. Remove the cracked portion of the leather sofa

  • Remove the peeling parts of the leather with scissors
  • Use grooming scissors to get rid of the cracked pieces of leather safely 
  • Get a damp cloth and clean the leather sofa further to remove the small amounts of the flaking material

Step 2. Use the leather repair kit for the peeled area

  • Get a compatible leather repair kit for your sofa
  • Place the included backing fabric on the kit onto the area of the leather couch that is peeling to get its size
  • Provide a bit allowance around the fabric when you cut it
  • Upholstery batting can be an alternative since the next step will blend it with the rest of the couch
  • Place the fabric on the space that formed from the peeling leather sofa using a tweezer and tuck it smoothly with a toothpick
  • Secure the backing fabric in place with the included adhesive in the kit and wait for it dry

Step 3. Blend the fixed area with the rest of the sofa

  • The repaired leather couch should feel smooth once the backing fabric dried in place
  • You will blend the area with the rest of the sofa by mixing colors to find the sofa’s shade
  • Start applying the color to the edges of the repaired area to check if it matches before proceeding
  • Wait for the color to dry, and you’re done
  • Some kits might include a finish to seal everything

Can Peeling Leather Be Repaired?

Peeling leather can still be restored with the fitting leather kit. However, you have to be aware of the type of material on your sofa because it might get damaged further if you try to repair the peeling portion yourself. Genuine leather does not also peel, so it might be better to get something of better quality than spend on repairing a material that might not last long. 

But if you think that it’s worth it to fix your leather sofa at home or with the help of a professional, it’s a matter of weighing your pros and cons. 


Why Is The Top Layer Of Leather Sofa Peeling?

The peeling portion that you see on your leather sofa might be the top layer that is drying. You must know how to maintain your leather sofa using the right products to keep it moisturized. Furthermore, using different substances on the leather couch can be detrimental because some are strong enough to dry the leather and cause it to crack and peel. 

Did you also discover damages such as cat scratches on the leather sofa? We have written a valuable article for such an issue. Even if genuine leather is durable, the top layer is prone to peeling and damages like scratches. Be sure always to know how to address them without accidentally worsening them. 


Does Genuine Leather Peel?

Authentic leather does not peel because it is made from animal hide and processed to become more durable. Poor maintenance and the use of some chemicals and solvents can still damage leather, but peeling usually occurs if the material is bonded with other substances. Not all leather types are the same because some also use synthetic materials, as seen in bonded leather. 


Does Bonded Leather Crack And Peel?

Bonded leather is prone to peeling and developing cracks because it is essentially scraps of genuine leather ground and glued together. You may find this reconstituted leather looking similar to genuine leather because manufacturers often emboss it to mimic the texture of genuine leather. It is also coated with polyurethane to finish the look. 

However, most bonded leather materials in the market typically only use 20% of genuine leather. Therefore, a bonded leather couch won’t be as durable as an actual leather couch. You can easily spot bonded leather from authentic leather because it looks and feels consistent than the latter, which has imperfections. 


How To Repair Bonded Leather Sofa Peeling

You should find a vinyl and leather repair kit that is suitable for your peeling bonded leather couch. With these kits, you are essentially dying the damaged portion and then sealing it to prevent further peeling. You can check this guide on repairing faux leather sofa to get more ideas on the best remedies for synthetic materials. 



Proper maintenance and regular moisturizing of leather will keep it from peeling. But if you already notice the issues, a quick recap of this guide on how to fix leather sofa peeling recommends using the proper leather repair kit. Remember that genuine leather does not peel, and the damaged portion you’re seeing is often the sealant on the surface. 

Read this tutorial on repairing a leather sofa properly to understand more solutions regarding genuine leather. 


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