DIY Heroes: How to Fix Hydraulic Chair In 4 Easy Methods

Do you know how to fix hydraulic chair in a few simple methods? You can fix your hydraulic chair by greasing the components, adding a hose clamp and duct tape, using a PVC pipe, and replacing the cylinder.

Office work often needs a space that allows you to work comfortably. However, as you become productive, your chair suddenly acts up and sinks like the Titanic.

how to fix hydraulic chair

It is essential to have a safe space, and it is a hassle to purchase a new one when you know the chair is still usable and repairable. No, you are not cheap — it’s just that a brand new hydraulic chair does not come cheap either.

How about we tell you that there are four simple methods you can choose from to fix your hydraulic chair? These methods are the easiest hack you can do by yourself at home. It can help you to find a solution to save yourself from sinking that comes cheap and handy.


Why Does My Hydraulic Chair Keep Going Down?    

It does not matter if your hydraulic chair is brand new or not. Although sometimes, there are cases that the hydraulic chair goes down because it became old, rusty, and worn out after frequent use. Aside from that, another possible reason why it occurs is that the cylinder is no longer functional.

A lift mechanism, such as a lever or valve, controls standard hydraulic chairs, allowing you to move up and down based on the correct desk height or comfortability. When this lever does not work the way it’s supposed to be, it will eventually sink and not stay up.

The lifting area of your hydraulic chair is the main problem. When the gas cylinder is weak, the gas that flows in the chamber pumps out. It fails to sustain the weight of the user that eventually lets it sink.


How Do I Fix a Sinking Hydraulic Chair?

Throwing your hydraulic chair is not the best way to replace it. There are methods you can try to make the most out of it.

We laid out four simple methods for you to restore your hydraulic chair. These come efficiently and will only take little time off your busy schedule.


Method 1: Grease the components

You need to check the mechanical parts of the hydraulic chair thoroughly. If there are signs of friction you feel while using the chair, this means it lacks oil. You need to grease the components to prevent them from sinking.

You can begin with the lever. Check if it can control your desired height when you are using your hydraulic chair.

If it sinks and stays below, this only means it needs grease to function. The rust it contains is due to moisture and air conditioners.

You may apply a good amount of oil regularly to avoid noises and sinking.


Method 2: Hose clamp and duct tape

You need to adjust your desired height first. Next, put the hose clamp around before wrapping it with duct tape.

You can use the clamp and duct tape to secure the cylinder of the hydraulic chair. The purpose of the duct tape is to become an additional holder so it won’t slide down.

This method’s primary work is to hold the proper place of the chair firmly. However, this method is only a temporary solution, for it may wear out after a few days. The duct tape may lose its grip once used frequently.


Method 3: PVC pipe

Another method to fix your hydraulic chair is using a PVC pipe. The diameter of the PVC should have a slight width adjustment than the cylinder. It should not be the exact size.

Measure the cylinder after adjusting the hydraulic chair to your desired height (this will be permanent). After measurement, you may cut the PVC pipe with a vise with the length you measured. You can then place the PVC pipe by removing the piston and screwing it back.

If you follow this approach precisely, it can last for a long time compared to the hose clamp and duct tape.


Method 4: Replace cylinder

From all the methods, if none worked for you, replacing the hydraulic chair cylinder is the best option. It has a long lifespan, and you may benefit from it in the long run.

You can ask a professional to do this method to avoid problems or additional damage. What you only need to do is to buy a cylinder that is of quality and durable. The advantage of this method is that you can raise the chair’s height up and down instead of a temporary height.



Your hydraulic chair sinking does not mean you should sink too. Just like the Titanic, Jack would not have let you. Instead, he’ll tell you to search “how to fix hydraulic chair” while you hang in there.

You can try these simple methods at home to solve your sinking problem. These methods are the best option you can have in fixing your hydraulic chair.

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