How To Fix Heater In Car? 5 Best Tips!

How to fix heater in car? First, solve the problem as you fit a new replacement fuse and if it fails, check the disconnected or trapped wires, and if there is no damaged wire, look through the heater motor connection to remove any corrosion. Next, check the heater fan circuit, use a test lamp to see if a feed is inside the motor, and test the engine that might have blown if it fails to light and needs some replacement.

A car’s heating system is a motor-operated fan that blows warm air in the engine bay and the vehicle’s interior. Indeed, the system seldom goes wrong and is simple to operate.

How to fix heater in car

The only problem is the fan stops working due to electrical circuit breakage, and the circuit has a feed wire in the fuse box, the dashboard on and off switch, and the center console, including the switch wire in the heater motor. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


Tips To Fix Heater In Car

Now, let’s find out how to fix heater in car. Below are the essential tips to follow when fixing a heater in a car:


#1. Check the wiring

If you fit a new fuse and fail to fix the issue, check for dirty, trapped, disconnected, or loose wires and do the same if other components are under the control of the fuse. In a wiring diagram, search for the heater wire’s location in the workshop manual and how far the wires reach and check each connection possible.


#2. Check the connection of motor earth

If there’s no single damaged wire, check the motor earth on the bulkhead that has already become corroded. Remove any corrosion on a mating surface with dry and wet paper, fit the screw or nut again, tighten it, and use Vaseline when you cover its connection to avoid further corrosion.


#3. Check the fan circuit of the heater

Carry out the tests using a clip of the earthed test lamp and turn the ignition on as you switch the fan. Get the feed wires in the motor disconnected as you explore the terminals, and the current will be there as you light the lamp, but the engine is faulty. If it does not feel soft, get the switch tested, pull the dash” button out, and switch it on. Probe its output terminals. If its lamp lights up, the fault is between the motor and the control but if it does not light, look through the switch input terminal similarly.

An issue with a broken switch is if a lamp lights up. If it still does not light, look through the fuse box current and probe the output terminal in the fuse with a lamp. Replace the fuse if a light failure occurs in the lamp and try it again, and the heater that doesn’t’ work while the lamp lights up could mean the wiring in the switch and fuse box is faulty. Know how to fix a car heater.


#4. Utilize the test lamp

If there’s no issue with the wiring, utilize the test lamp, see the feed in the motor and get the end of a test lamp connected to the earth point. Next, get the wire or feed wire disconnected to an engine; a multi-connector plug or individual connections are there.

Move the motor’s switch after turning the ignition on to the ” on position”. Probe each of the wires using a test lamp and the lamp that lights will have a current that reaches the point. Repeat it as you place the heater switch towards another position, and the lamp that lights on those wires has an issue with the motor.

Check the switch connections if there is no power coming out of the motor, probe the output terminals and switch from low to high speeds. The test lamp that lights up on output terminals would mean broken wiring between the engine and switch. Seek advice from an expert regarding this case and assess the input terminal if the lamp doesn’t light up. If the test lamp lights up, a faulty switch is a problem. Likewise, faulty wiring in the control and fusebox is the problem if a test lamp does not illuminate upon touching an input terminal.


#5. Get the motor tested

Utilize a circuit tester to get the motor windings checked and tested; this is the same with a test lamp but with its battery power supply. First, get the wires and battery disconnected from the motor. Take note of how they best fit and get one side of the tester attached to the earth wire of the motor and probe the feed terminals, and if the airport lights up with the tester, the sound is the engine, and if the tester does not light a blown motor, it will need replacement.


It’s’ A Wrap!

Now you learn how to fix heater in car with the following tips mentioned. It’s’ safe to check each of the components of the car’s’ heater to see which one badly needs your attention. Get everything tested and replaced if necessary. Seek help if things get complicated as their knowledge is always immense that can fix the heater quickly! You may also be interested to know why is my car heater not working and how to make car heater warm up faster.

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