How To Fix Fridge That Is Not Cooling? 6 Easy Steps Just For You!

Are you wondering, “how to fix fridge that is not cooling?” Well, this article will be perfect for your inquiry. Usually, a refrigerator that is not cooling has a faulty condenser or evaporator fan. With this, I will share six steps that you can do in fixing your faulty fridge. But before anything else, prioritize your safety.


how to fix fridge that is not cooling

Steps To Fix A Fridge That Is Not Cooling

This section will be answering the simple question, “how to fix fridge that is not cooling?” with six easy steps. Again, I need you to gather these materials:

  • Ratchet set
  • Wire cutter
  • The fan replacement

I know you are very excited about fixing your fridge. Just be attentive and careful in every step of this process. Before we start, you should check your fridge if it is plugged in and getting enough power from the socket.

Some fridges do no cool if they do not receive enough power. Another thing is assessing your thermostat setting. For example, it might be that your fridge is not cooling itself when the thermostat is turned off. Also, check the cooling vents of the refrigerator and see if any debris or storage compartments block the cold air.

If your fridge does not cool itself, the compartments and coils under the refrigerator might have been clogged by dust. You can solve this by cleaning the base. Lastly, you need to see if there is a blockage on the condenser fans. If so, you can clean it and bring back the fridge as usual.

Otherwise, these steps might help replace your faulty fridge fans that cause the problem. A symptom of a faulty evaporator fan is noise. There will be squealing sounds that can happen if your refrigerator is operating.

So, before you start to replace the faulty fan in your fridge, you need to turn it off for about a day or two in melting all the ice and residue. Also, it is best to clean all surfaces for the repairing process. With this, you are now ready to fix your fridge.


Step #1. Removing the cover

With the parts you had gathered together with the replacement fan, you should remove the cover on your fridge to see the faulty part. Typically, evaporator fans are located on the freezer part of your fridge.

So, going through it will have to see the cover behind it. You can remove the cover by pulling the plastic coverings of the screws of the freezer. Then, unscrew all of it, and set the lid aside in a safe place together with the screws.


Step #2. Removing the fan cover

After prying out the plastic cover, you will see the coils and fan inside the freezer. Go into the fan and remove the cover. Screw them all out carefully and set them aside. You need to be gentle in this process to avoid any damage that you can do to your fridge.


Step #3. Removing the evaporator fan

After you had removed the fan cover, you should be already removing the faulty evaporator fan. Remove all the screws attached to it, then set the faulty fan aside. Be sure to turn off the fridge before doing all these steps.


Step #4. Replacing it

Replace the faulty fan with the newer one that you had bought. Just remove the bracket that is attached to the old fan and connect it to the newer one. Be sure to check all the voltages, amps, and manufacturing descriptions of the replacement fan. After you had mounted the new fan, place the covers and proceed.


Step #5. The condenser fans

Suppose you had already replaced the evaporator fans, and the fridge is still not cooling itself. In that case, it might be that the condenser fans are at fault. You can easily find out a faulty condenser fan. Doing so will require you a hairdryer.

Then, at the lowest or non-heat setting of the dryer, point it towards your fridge’s compressor. If your fridge compressor runs and the condenser fan is not, then you might need to replace it.


Step #6. Replacing the condenser fans

Installing the condenser fan will be easy if you are attentive to all these steps. If so, gather all the required materials with the appropriate condenser fan replacement. Locate the condenser fan. Typically, condenser fans are found at the back base of your fridge.

Unscrew the covers and look for the metal condenser fan. Cut the wires down and connect them to the new fan. Be sure to route all the electronics to the proper place. Screw the new condenser fan to its proper place and put the cover back on.

You can now check if the fridge will work properly. If all these steps are not for you, it is best to call a professional maintenance specialist to do the job without the risk of damage.



Great! You already know how to fix fridge that is not cooling. The fixing process will take you six simple steps that you can follow above. If you want to read more, go here. Thank you very much for reading this informative article!

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