How To Fix Damaged Concrete From Pressure Washer? 8 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to fix damaged concrete from pressure washer? You did you notice some visible watermarks or lines on the concrete surface after using the pressure washer, I guess. In eight easy steps, you can. 

Watermarks or lines after pressure washing are common, so don’t worry too much, as we will fix it with acid washing! It is also known as acid etching if you’re not yet familiar with acid washing. It is a process wherein you will use an acid to clean or get those marks away. 

how to fix damaged concrete from pressure washer

But, how do water lines or marks appear? When you’re doing the job (pressure washing), the pressure of the water that comes out from your nozzle has a higher pressure, and the concentration of your nozzle controls the passage. So, it is always advisable to create a distance from the nozzle towards the desired surface and use the proper nozzle for your cleaning. In addition, some also say they find small holes aside from water lines.


Acid Etching Or Washing

You can use three acids in removing the watermarks on your concrete surfaces, such as sulfamic, phosphoric, and hydrochloric acid. Sulfamic can be used indoors and is the safest among the others, while phosphoric is easier to use with areas that have acid-vulnerable materials or stainless steel. Meanwhile, hydrochloric acid, commonly known as muriatic acid, is good outdoors as it has strong fumes and is prefer by most professionals. As these acids are dangerous, you must handle the method correctly, wear protection gears, and apply precautions. 


Steps To Fix Damaged Concrete From Pressure Washer

If you are not yet adequately trained to use the pressure washer and are not familiar with the different types of nozzle, one of the problems you will encounter after washing are the white lines or uneven color of the concrete surfaces. On the other hand, some users also report that holes appear. But, you can fix these two types of damages created right away. Follow the steps on how to fix damaged concrete from pressure washer and learn a few tips. You can use acid etching to repair water lines or marks. 


Step #1. Remove dirt or grimes

The first thing you have to do is remove all the grimes and dirt. If you’re doing this method in your driveway or walkway, you can quickly sweep it off. You can use a long brush or a broom and then move materials or furniture to prevent them from getting wet. Here’s how to clean brick and concrete with a pressure washer!


Step #2. Wear protective gears

After successfully removing the dirt on the surface, proceed into preparing protective gears. You can use gloves and other protective equipment to ensure your safety. Using muriatic acid, use a respirator with an acid-grade filter. This type of acid creates strong fumes. Always take precautions when handling chemicals, as ignoring these may result in unwanted situations, and we wouldn’t want you harmed. 


Step #3. Prepare your acid

Commonly, muriatic acids are present at home and easier to purchase, but you can find them in the hardware and other department stores if you prefer other acids. If you already have your acid to use, it’s time to mix them up with water. Please use plastic buckets in mixing the solution as plastics are acid-resistant. Then, pour some water into the bucket first, then check the exact amount needed at the manufacturer’s label at the back of the packaging in each type of acid.


Step #4. Wet the concrete surface

Use a garden hose and wet the concrete surface without pudding. Make sure you remove all the furniture and plants nearby. You can also divide a section in etching to keep them wet and prevent them from drying out.

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Step #5. Apply the acid

Now, you can apply the acid solution to the surface. You can use a garden sprinkler to distribute the solution. Then use a masonry brush to spread the acid and leave it for at least ten minutes. 


Step #6. Rinse off acid

Before the acid dries on the surface, rinse it off repeatedly. You can also use a long brush to scrub off acids. Please do not leave the acid to dry out on the surface, as leaving them can cause damage. 


Step #7. Neutralize the surface

After rinsing off the acid, you must neutralize the surface. You can use ammonia, baking soda, garden lime, or buy some acid neutralizing products. You can follow the neutralizing label on the packaging to make the solution. But add water for ammonia, baking soda, and garden lime. 


Step #8. Rinse off acid neutralizer

You can use a garden hose to rinse off the acid neutralizer. Brush off the acid neutralizer and continue the process until wholly removed. You can use a pH strip to check the acidity to be sure. If your concrete has small holes from the pressure washer, you can pour some cement and level the surface. Then, let it dry.


It’s A Wrap!

Treating damaged concrete with a pressure washer is not hard. You can either acid etching or pour out cement on the surface. Now, the trouble on how to fix damaged concrete from pressure washer is not a problem anymore.

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