How to Fix Bent Frame of Morris Recliner Loveseat

We have seen it all, from snapped frames to faulty recliner mechanics. Whether your furniture requires a part replacement to regain its structural integrity, or you may recreate them using tools.

But let’s focus on how to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat.

how to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat

Before we get to the fixing, let me explain what a loveseat is to those of you who confuse it with a couch. And the definition of a recliner. Crucial information to answer your question, how to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat.

What is a loveseat?

It is a two-person seat that they first introduced in the 1600s. The majority of loveseats are solid wood with cushioning all around for stability.

What is a couch?

These seats, derived from the French word ‘couche,’ have one or no arms and can accommodate three people. You generally use it for seating, but You can also use it for sleeping. 

You can commonly find couches in living rooms, lounges, family rooms, hotels, bars, and commercial offices. It is of three parts. The frame is frequently constructed of wood, plastic, or steel, cushioning, and the cover.

The Difference

The couch is more spacious and can easily seat three people. Therefore, you can also use it as a seat or a place to sleep. The loveseat, on the other hand, is smaller and can only seat two people. Therefore you can only use it for seating.

What is a recliner?

Any chair that allows the sitter to recline by lowering the back and raising the footrest. By activating a button, lever, or handle, you can recline upholstered armchairs. There are two sorts of reclining mechanisms that let you modify the posture of your chair. 

The first is a manual lever that you pull to modify the chair’s position from upright to reclined. The second is a motor-driven, automatic mechanism.

How to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat

Many households have loveseat recliners, but the normal wear and tear of using one can cause damage to the structure. Repairing the frame yourself is not only cheaper than buying a new chair, but it can also be more satisfying.

Many pieces of furniture can survive for years with no maintenance. However, recliners are more vulnerable to wear and tear from daily use. 

The Most Common Issues With Recliner loveseat Frames

The daily wear and tear on the frame’s screws and other hardware can loosen them. You can fix a part of the frame yourself if it breaks, but it will take some time and care. In addition, you must turn the chair on its side or upside down to gain access to the frame. 

Examine the furniture to know how to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat.

  • When it’s just the padding or cushions on the chair causing it to lean to one side, it’s the most straightforward problem to solve. After that, you’ll either have to add another padding layer or buy a new one.
  • It could also be a spring beneath it. All you have to do now is locate it and remove it. However, if it’s a heavy-duty spring, be aware. Its high recoil may make it “act aggressively.” Keep your fingers safe by being exceedingly cautious.
  • Screws or fasteners that need to be tightened or replaced could be the third reason. If any elements are missing, the entire framework may suffer, causing your recliner to lean. 
  • The mechanism for reclining is in a bent position. It is a difficult situation. It occurs when the tool in your recliner begins to lean to one side, and the chair follows suit. It’s also a linking mechanism that leans to one side at times.
  • Your recliner may seem “sleepy” because of an uneven patch on your floor. First, check with a level to see if this is the issue.

What you need

You may repair most recliner loveseat frames with an adjustable wrench, a flat-head or Philips screwdriver, and wood glue once you identified the problem. Lubricant oil to lubricate the mechanism’s joints or to repair shattered wooden panels. Newspaper to prevent any oil spill.

Prepare these materials, and you’re another step further to answer your question, how to fix bent frame of Morris recliner loveseat.

Weakened Joints Reinforcement

Tighten all the screws with the screwdriver if your frame is unsteady or squeaky owing to weak joints. You can use the adjustable wrench to tighten nuts and bolts. You should replace any stripped or missing screws, nuts, or bolts. 

Wood Repair

Wood repair, in contrast to simple hardware repair, can become tricky if you are not attentive. Take photos of any cracks or breaks you detect in the frame so you can plan your repair. You can fill small gaps with wood glue. 

You can use clamps to keep the bonded portions in place until they are entirely dry. Then, when significant pieces of the frame are broken, you can either remove them and replace them. For example, with new wood and hardware, or you can reinforce the damaged wood with hardware. 

You can use wood glue or a metal brace to repair a broken or worn wooden panel. Of course, if it’s broken, you’ll have to buy a new one. The screws in the panel may also become worn over time. To ensure a secure attachment, you’ll need to fill the holes with adhesive.


Don’t rush out and replace your old recliner with a new one. It’s not a big deal most of the time. The construction is relatively straightforward.

You’ll understand once you examine the mechanism and structure. Attention, a few essential tools, and a little bit of fixing talent are all you need to bring your recliner loveseat back to life.

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