How To Fix Bed With Broken Slats? 4 Basic Steps To Follow!

Beds are comfortable and all.

But, do you have any idea how to fix bed with broken slats?

how to fix bed with broken slats

Due to how old the furniture and how overused the bed is?

About that, you do not have to worry anymore.

We will help you find the most straightforward methods on how we can fix things up without any worries furthermore.

Let’s say you are off from a tiring day from work.

Then, go home to sleep in your bed to have a nap to rest yourself.

But suddenly, you notice unknown movements and sounds that you did not make.

So, you become curious and find out that there is a problem with your slats.

It is unlikely that you will sleep over a bed with broken slats because using it more.

Even though you know it’s broken, will eventually start making the slats fall.

They can be distinguished sometimes by hearing sounds.

When you start putting pressure or weight into the bed’s mattress.

Worry no more because as we advance onto the topic.

We will teach you some solutions that might be pretty useful for doing things in situations like this.


Fixing A Bed With Broken Slats

There are many methods and ways that we can search and follow on the internet today.

Though some might not be effective with the steps on how they execute it.

Because of these people, many are desperate to fix their broken furniture, for it means a lot to them.

There may probably be some places where you can get and invest in new slats.

Though as the markets run today, the prices are getting higher and higher each day.

It is making the situation harder to handle.

If you think about it, fixing broken bed slats might sound hard for some, but it is not.

Some people even enjoy doing things like this.

Also, bed slats play an essential role as a part of your bed.

Since, it holds the mattress and carries its pressure when it is being laid on.

We see that the only problem is if the slat is old enough to handle weight anymore.

And has enough usage, leading it to crumble slowly.

To make sure that it will not happen to you.

We will give you some steps to follow on how to fix bed with broken slats.

Remember to be careful when doing things like this.

We don’t want anything to happen to you while you are doing the methods to fix it.


Step #1. Search around the bed frame

The first thing you’ll have to do is take off all items covering the mattress.

Then, inspect any areas you think might have damages.

The bed slats may not be the only part affected when it comes to this.

We can assure you that other parts of the bed may weaken too as time passes by.

Also, bring the needed tools whenever you will do.

Things like this needs to be ready if you need any tool for usage.


Step #2. Placing wood glue at slats

As we all know, carpenter’s glue is a favorite type of wood glue used.

Especially for wooden furniture, to hold any damages.

All you will have to do is inject the glue onto the cracked area and spread it to hold the bond more.

Just in case you’re wondering, the carpenter’s glue only works for repairing wood products and no other than that.

Its formula is specially made to hold on lumber.


Step #3. Placing clamps on the affected area

Now that we are done with the gluing part, we now move on to the next step.

That is to put clamps on the area where it is cracked and smeared with glue.

In that way, the clamp will hold the slat in shape with the carpenter’s glue to let it have more and make it firmer.

It requires you to place the clamps tightly onto the frame overnight.

To ensure that the results will be as you expected them to be.


Step #4. Adding additional support to the slats

After all of the glue has dried up from the broken surface.

You’ll then want to add additional support onto it to stay as it is after being fixed.

Start measuring to see how long the breakage is; this way, you will distinguish the needed lumber.

You will need to purchase a piece of plywood for this step.

If you don’t have any as of the moment, scrap wood can be used as a substitution.

Now drill some holes leaving at least two inches of space between each.

To ensure that it will appropriately distribute the grip.

After that, you’ll need to glue one side of the plywood to the crack and set it there.

Make sure to press it down firmly so that it stays in place, and then screw it in.



Now that you have learn the basics of how to fix bed with broken slats.

It is for you to apply it.

It would be best to do it with a friend to make things easy and it will also help you bond with them.

Now, to keep your bed slats from falling out, read this article to learn more.

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