How To Fix A Wooden Bed Frame? 3 Easy Solutions!

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how to fix a wooden bed frame

In this article, we will guide you in fixing the damaged or broken wooden bed frame.

In choosing the best bed frames, people tend to consider having a wooden frame due to the durability and economic benefits of these wooden structures as bed bases.

Wooden bed frame are commonly used in larger bed sizes like king-sized beds.

Intentionally for multiple individuals and taller people for a comfortable sleep.

Besides, a wooden frame bed is a lot cheaper compared to the modern bed base.

And can last years longer compared to metal ones.

Since these wooden bed frames are the sleeping instrument, we use each night.

There are incidents where they can gain several issues and damages due to overuse.


 Solutions To Fix Wooden Bed Frames

The issues you might be having are different from the usual, which can either be a minor issue or burdensome.

There are various approaches regarding how to fix a wooden bed frame.

Hence, we offer you the following solutions to your home bed frame problems:


Solution #1. Minor bed frame cracks

Here’s one of the most common problems with wooden bed frames:

It’s the not-so-big cracks on the surface of the wooden panels and bed foot connected to the bed frame.

Tiny cracks are not a serious thing to worry about, yet, these can cause serve injury if not solved as soon as possible.

These cracks will get worse that can lead to a sudden collapsing of your bed.

Therefore, this event needs quick attention.

The following are the steps on how to fix minor cracks:

Step #1. Remove the mattress above the bed so it will be easy to investigate.

Step #2. Locate all the cracks above and underneath the wooden panels and bed foot.

Step #3. Now that you have located the area of the cracks get sandpaper to scrape off all the uneven wood surfaces.

Step #4. After smoothing the surface, you can now apply an adequate amount of wood filler that you can buy in any home tool store.

Step #5. Let the applied wood fillers sit and dry for 2 to 3 hours.

Step #6. Finally, you can cover the dried wood fillers with paint similar to the color of the wooden bed frame to maintain the original color.


Solution #2. Loose bed joints

Another common problem you might be encountering is the loosening up of your bed joint, giving a shaky effect when you use it.

This issue is quite relevant suitably when your wooden bed is years old now.

Bed joints play a huge role in a wooden bed frame since the bed feet and the rectangular wooden base interconnect the four joints on the corner.

The tighter the joint, the sturdier the bed frame is.

So if you think your bed is a bit loose, here are the easy steps for you:

Step #1. Disassemble the loosened up to be jointed using screwdrivers.

Step #2. Spectate if there is wood debris on it or decayed wood.

Step #3. Either you find a decayed wood or loosen up glues between the wood surfaces, so prepare wood filler and glue for wooden materials.

Step #4. If you find decayed wood debris, you need to entirely remove it and replace it with wood filler on that specific area and add the wood filler to it.

Step #5. On the other hand, if you find loosen-up glues between woods, you only have to apply glue on the dismantled area.

Step #6. Wait for 2-4 hours for the filler and glue to completely dry.

Step #7. Now that you have finished up the job, you should assemble the bed joints and screwing all the woods using a screwdriver on the bed joints.

Step #8. Make sure to screw it tightly for a much better result.


Solution #3. Detached/ broken wood panel

You might be experiencing this type of problem where a part of the wooden panels on the bed frame separates from the rectangular base.

This situation is probably because of the heavier weights that have been placed on your bed.

For example, multiple people using it at one time or too much jumping.

Fortunately, this issue is easy to fix, so you don’t have to worry.

You only need a little skill in putting a screw on the bed frame and a bit of measurement.

Step #1. Remove the mattress placed above the bed frame.

Step #2. Analyze the main panel/ panels of the wooden frame to be fixed.

Step #3. Measure the wood panel you need to reattach so you would know if you need to replace it.

Step #4. If the measurement of the wood panel is millimeters shorter than the frame width, you have to replace it, otherwise no.

Step #5. Prepare a screw and a screwdriver and connect the wooden panel to the frame base on each side.

Step #6. Lastly, add some weight above it and test if it is sturdy enough.  If not, you have to tighten the screw.


Final Words

It is not practical to buy a new set of bed frames once you encounter several issues with your wooden bed frame.

There are always alternative solutions for these types of problems.

You only need to make time, effort, and enough repairing skills.

We hope we guided you well to your problem on how to fix a wooden bed frame.

It is such a great honor to be part of your successful “do it yourself” job.

Thank you so much for your effort and time in reading this article.

You are much appreciated.

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