3 Simple Steps on How to Fix a Wobbly Pram Wheel

It’s not always possible to buy a new pram when one part needs fixing – it might be too expensive. But there are plenty of things you can do at home to fix that wobbly wheel. This blog post will go through simple steps on how to fix a wobbly pram wheel and give some tips for keeping them in good condition in future.

Steps on How to Fix a Wobbly Pram Wheel

Step 1. Use a screwdriver to remove the wheel from your pram. Sand down and smooth any rough edges or dents on the metal of the inner part of the wheel with sandpaper (or a nail file) until it is completely flat, then use steel wool to make sure all traces are gone.

How to Fix a Wobbly Pram Wheel

Don’t touch this area again once you have finished as it will rust quickly! You can get rid of rust using vinegar instead if that’s easier for you. Just soak some paper towels in white distilled vinegar and wrap them around everything but don’t let anything actually touch each other while they’re covered in vinegar overnight or longer depending on how much rust there is.

Step 2. Then rinse off with water and dry you can purchase new wheels online or look for them at second-hand stores.

If you have a broken pram wheel and need to replace it, do this before continuing with the rest of these steps! Once you’ve got your replacement wheel, turn your attention back to the old wobbly one. If there are any visible cracks in the plastic then don’t try fixing it – just throw it away as they will not be safe for use on an infant or toddler.

Step 3. Now cut out some paper rings from cereal packets (or anything else that’s thick enough) so each ring is about half a centimetre wider than where you plan on inserting it into the metal axle hole

You should now have your replacement wheel, the wobbly old one and a few paper rings.

You need to line up all the axle holes in both wheels so that they are straight along their length (not angled). Now take either of the metal axles and thread it through both wheels so there is an equal number of holes on each side. Next, make sure one end has an even amount sticking out of both sides then push about half or three-quarters down into each hole until those ends meet inside the innermost tube where your pram will sit.

Then use some tape to secure them together tightly – this way you can be sure everything lines up properly with no movement between them when pushed against something hard like a wall.


Tips: – If it’s a metal pram you can use one of the axles to push them together easily and then just as easily twist them off later when done. Use strong tape like ducting tape or gaffer /duct/gaffa (whatever) tape to secure everything in place tightly; this is on top of threading through both holes so that they don’t pull out again after fixing.

Line up all axle holes straight along their length not angled, if they are already pre-threaded though make sure each end has an equal amount sticking out either side before pushing down into those holes about halfway until those ends meet inside the innermost tube where your pram will sit.

Keep the pram steady and then slowly work your way around all four wheels tightening up each wheel one by one until they are really secure. If you have a handheld drill it will be easier to use that; alternatively, screwdrivers which might slip out of place if you hold them too tightly or just don’t apply enough pressure. Either way, once finished (and hopefully not before) put on some baby clothes for test-driving in public.


How to close a Baby Jogger stroller

Step 1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the plastic caps of each wheel, or use an Allen wrench.

Step 2. Press down on the black tabs that hold the tire in place and pull out the old inner tube until it is completely removed from your stroller wheel. This will take some force; be careful not to break them so you can put new ones back after replacing your tires.

They are designed for reuse with different types of wheels, but if they do get broken just replace them before moving onto step three. If using an Allen key ensure it is pushed as far toward the centre of the hub cap hole as possible then turn clockwise holding at the same time upwards, (in case one side might pop off.

Step 3. If you use a tire iron, place the end with the hooks onto one side of your inner tube. Then push down on it until the opposite side pops off and remove slowly. Pull out completely.

Step 4. Place new tire over inner tube inside the wheel rim. Take rubber strip from old tire ( black tab) and place at the top edge of tire opposite to where air valve is located then press. Repeat for the other three tires by pushing on both sides before pressing into position.

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