How To Fix A Water Heater Pipe Leak? 3 Easy Steps!

We know, you’re wondering how to fix a water heater pipe leak. In just a few steps, you can; and these things you will know as you delve into this article further.

Water pipes are common water heater parts that usually leak over time, aside from valves and water heater nipples. To help you fix the leakage, we need to track down the areas where the water leaks.

how to fix a water heater pipe leak

Continue reading, my friend, to learn more about water heater leakage. You can fix minor leaks by replacing their parts. If the water leakage isn’t that serious about being dealt with, you can do this job by yourself. On the other hand, if you think it’s serious, especially if your water heater is faulty, you must call a professional for help or ask if your water heater needs to be replaced. 


Why Fixing Water Leaks Is Essential?

Water can cause huge damage to your water heater. Leak water can go through your access panel or build rusts, leading to corrosion; if left untreated, more significant issues may appear. To prevent further damage and leakage, you must fix the areas where water leaks.

Water leaks can range from simple to worst scenarios. Some leaks only need replacement parts to extend your water heaters’ life. Meanwhile, if your water heaters have already caused too much damage to your water heater, or it’s in the worst state, you need to replace it. Fixing water leaks relies on what causes them. Let’s also check other prone areas on the water heater and determine how to fix a water heater pipe leak. 


Steps To Fix Water Heater Leaks

The water pipe is one of the main parts of the water heater prone to leakage over time, as it serves as the pathway of the water supply to the water heater, as well as output of the water heater goes to your hot water faucet. It is why installing high-standard pipes for your water heater is essential, as this will survive longer and fewer replacements than the other types of pipe. If you notice leaks in your pipes, you need to replace them with a new one along with the heat-trap nipple.

Whether the pipe that leaks in your water heater is the water supply or outlet pipe of hot water,  we can fix them. But, please be cautious in troubleshooting your water heater, as a lack of knowledge and awareness can lead to physical injuries or property damage. On the other hand, if your water heater leaks on the drain valve or heater nipples, we’ll discuss them too. If you’re ready and want to start fixing your water pipes, follow the steps below carefully.


Step #1. Turn off the power source and water supply

To ensure your safety, you need to turn off the power of your water heater then the energy or power source. Unplug the wire connected to the outlets or turn off the individual electric breakers for electric water hearts. If your water heater is directly connected to the main utility, you need to switch off the main breaker. On the other hand, you need to locate the insulation for gas-powered heaters. After turning off the heater and power source, you must turn off the water supply to stop water from going inside the tank.


Step #2. Release pressure and drain the water

You need to drain the hot water out or cool down the hot water for a few hours. If you need to finish the job and have a lot of hot water, you need to drain them out. But, before draining, you need to release the air pressure stuck inside the tank. It would be best to open the release pressure valve beside the water heater tank to do this. If your water heater does not have this valve, you can open a hot water faucet by opening it.

Leave the faucet open and let the hot water run. Get a garden hose and attach the end to the drain valve. Stretch the other end of the hose to areas where you can drain the water out. Open the drain valve until it’s empty then close it. It may also be a good idea to read about how to maintain and drain a water heater.


Step #3. Remove water pipe

If your tank is bigger, you will require a stepladder to access the upper part of your water heaters. If the leaks are from the water supply line, you need to get a container to contain the water left in the pipes, especially the first connection between your water supply and the pipe. Put the container under the first connection and loosen the dielectric union. Remove the tube and allow water to flush out in the container. Then, remove the other dielectric union between the pipe and heat-trap nipples. Install the new pipe and attach them firmly. 

If your heat trap nipples are corroded, you can install a new one, and if you prefer, you can use Teflon tape to ensure there will be no leaks after you attach the pipes. On the other hand, if the leak is from the hot water pipe, you can repeat the process, as they have similar connections. After installing the new pipe, you can now turn on your water heater, but first, you need to close the hot water faucet or the release pressure valve. Fill the tank with water, and turn on the power source, then set your desired temperature. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you finally discovered how to fix a water heater pipe leak, you can now manage to remove your old pipes and install a new one! This task may be too easy and quick to learn. Thank you for reading this article, hope this article helped you fix your water heater pipes. Now, you can go back and enjoy the hot water. You may also want to read about what would cause a water heater to leak and why is my hot water leaking.

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