How To Fix A Water Damaged Key? 6 Different Key Types

If you are seeking an answer on how to fix a water damaged key, this article is perfect for you to resolve the problem. Recently, many have been searching for solutions and interventions regarding the causes and effects of water damage.

Indeed, it is always inconvenient to have your water damaged valuable items be fixed, because it costs time and repair fees. Nonetheless, fixing water damaged items is more efficient than buying new ones. 

how to fix a water damaged key

Locks are designed to allow only those with the necessary key to open them and get access. In that sense, the key acts as a security tool to access restricted areas or unlock safe bolts and is even used to start engines.

Just like how these keys safeguard your house and valuables, you likewise ensure that those keys are held safe. However, the time comes that it will be damaged due to physical and natural factors like water exposure.


6 Usual Types of Key Plus Tips To Fix Water Damage

Most keys are simple to replicate and may typically be done through a key cutting machine. Therefore, choosing a lock and key with innovative keyways is critical to keep your keys secured.


1. Mechanically cut keys

This key is used for traditional locks in every house or office and is still used for old model cars. Hence, this type of key is manufactured with a die-cast mold wherein one side is ridged while it’s plain on the other side.

Further, mechanically cut keys are made from common metals like nickel, brass, and steel. With these materials, your keys may suffer water damage when exposed to water for an extended time.

With that matter, keys are expected to rust since they are made up of metal. For natural interventions, vinegar baths and citric acid are seen as effective in removing rust.


2. Primary keys

Having the name primary, these keys are one of a kind in that they can unlock several locks with a single key. Having one key for various locks is efficient for the key holder as it is easy to handle.

However, when your primary key has been water damaged and started to rust, its primary drawback is that you wouldn’t be able to open all locks. In that case, you may use rust remover products to get rid of rust while it prevents oxidation and corrosion.


3. Transponder and smart car keys

Transponder type of key is an industry standard for vehicle firms, wherein Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are programmed to the vehicle by sending a radio signal. Meanwhile, a smart car key is an upgraded version of the transponder key while allowing the holder to lock and unlock vehicles’ doors remotely.

Exposure to water may cause malfunction to your keys; therefore, drying them out upon exposure would prevent severe water damage. However, when it gets damaged completely, you have to visit your auto dealer to ask for a repair or replacement.

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4. Paracentric keys

Because of its twisted design and small fine teeth, this style of a key is one of a kind. In fact, this type of key is commonly utilized in prisons as it provides a high level of security to prevent a breakout.

In case of water damage, it is better to ask for professionals to do the repair since this type of key is too delicate to handle.


5. Tubular Keys

Tubular keys, also referred to as barrel keys, are used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. Thus, they are safe and convenient for emergencies, featuring a function that enables quick entry or exit.

Due to its overall mechanism and excellent resistance to lock picking, it is a safer alternative. However, you should not let this type of key get water damaged because it would be hard to restore it due to its design.

For minor rust build-up, however, soaking it in vinegar or citric acid could help.


6. Key cards

Key cards are products of innovation that provide or limit access in an efficient and secure manner through electrically-powered doors. Hence, key cards eliminate the necessity for users to put a traditional metal key into a lock in order to get access.

In case of getting wet, most key cards are built waterproof so that users would not worry if they ever took it into the swim. Otherwise, if it suddenly won’t open the door, let the key card operators handle the problem.

More than the mentioned types of keys, there are various kinds of keys you are probably unfamiliar with. There are dimple keys, valet keys, VAT keys, Abloy keys, skeleton keys, cruciform keys, double or four-sided keys, and even magnetic keys.



Most aspects of people’s lives are influenced by keys; in fact, almost all areas of the house have keys and locks to ensure security. Therefore, the learnings acquired in this article entitled “how to fix a water damaged key” are beneficial to everyone.

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