How To Fix A Water Damaged Front Door Sidelight? 3 Amazing Tips

If you found yourself here, you’re probably curious about how to fix a water damaged front door sidelight.

Often, it’s not the sidelight that is damaged; instead, it’s the things it is connected to. To know more, continue reading and explore this article for helpful information.


What Are Sidelights?

Sidelights are glass placed on the sides of a front door. They are narrow and vertically placed, with their benefits and charm.

One can make it from leaded glass, stained glass, or beveled glass. Glasses can also be clear, decorated, or frosted; not only that, but it’s also energy efficient.

The price of acquiring entry doors with sidelights may range from $700 to $5,000, based on what material the door is created. Steel has the lowest cost, fiberglass followed, then wood, and the most costly is iron. 

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Here are a few benefits you will gain when you use sidelights for your front door:

  1. Sidelights can add that creative touch to your front door, simply adding to its aesthetic appeal. It’s customizable, so you can choose which you would want for your sidelight.
  2. It is engineered to be energy efficient and durable.
  3. It allows light to brighten your doorway and nearby areas.
  4. It also adds to your security since this provides visibility outside. You can immediately see who your visitors are without opening the door.

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Common Causes Of Glass Damage

One step toward preventing damage to your glasses is to know what can cause damage to it. The following are some of the common causes of damage which you can familiarize yourself with:

  • Age

Even the best material can deteriorate with time. More so if the glass were made earlier and made with less durable glass or less secure processing.

It is the case for old houses, and if you’re living in one, you might consider replacing them.

  • Physical hit

Accidentally or not, a heavy hit can indeed cause damage to your glass doors, whether it’s new or old. Kids playing with rocks or balls and birds flying are one of the accidents that might end up in your glasses getting hit.

  • Weather

Seasonal changes, from warm to cold, might affect the glasses. Such sudden or intense temperature fluctuations may cause a significant impact, and prolonged exposure to this might add to the effects.


Care Tips For Sidelights

Here are some simple tips that you can take note of to take care of your sidelights:

  • Have a regular cleaning routine. Be sure to use specific glass cleaners that can clean the accumulated dirt and protect it.
  • When you’re doing home or yard improvement activities near your front door, cover your sidelights well. It protects from specks of dirt, paints, and flying debris.
  • See some thick residue on your glasses even though you clean them regularly? Then it might be because you used hard water.
    Consider installing a soft water filtration system as a safer option for cleaning your sidelights.


What are the sidelight damages you should know, and how to fix them?

Here are some of the front door sidelight damages that you may face with how you can fix them safely:

  • Water damaged door frame

Some signs of this are wood crumbling and the manifestation of molds or mildew. To fix this, you’ll need to scrape the damaged wood, then fill the gaps with epoxy or other better materials; once it’s dry, you can sand it and do some finishing touch with paints.

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  • Leaking sidelight panels

Being exposed to harsh weather conditions for a prolonged period can be detrimental to your sidelights. It may cause problems such as leakage.

To repair these, find the source of leaking; it could be a cracked class or a weak seal. Now, remove the sealant to add a new layer of it correctly.

Then, use a spraying foam insulation for added insulation; leave it for a while to dry. Using silicone caulk, seal the gap; finally, clean any marks left with a dampened towel after leaving it to dry.

  • Hard water damages on glasses

Stains from hard water are hard to clean if you leave them for an extended period. It can also eat the surface of your glasses which would leave permanent marks.

To clean those fresh ones, use dryer sheets to scrub them away. To prevent these, you can install a water softener for your home, so you can use your water for cleaning glasses without worrying about hard water residues.

Repairing or replacing your sidelight can be a difficult task if you don’t have the proper equipment to do it. So, don’t be shy to approach a professional if the expenses are right up your alley.

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How to fix a water damaged front door sidelight depends on the degree of damage and which exactly is damaged. This task is more complicated than you think, so be sure you have sufficient knowledge and equipment before proceeding with the repair.

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