4 Reliable Tips On How To Fix A Water Damaged Drone

If you are worried about getting your drone exposed to water, checking internal parts is the main factor to consider in “how to fix a water damaged drone.” A water damaged drone might be risky, but rest assured that you can do something about it.

Using your drones to capture videos is indeed remarkable as it can help you keep memories. However, it also has a downside, especially when unexpected circumstances happen.

One of the examples is its exposure to water unexpectedly. In some ways, it can lead to different kinds of damage. 

So the real question here is, what are the things you will do if your drone has been water damaged? What are the preparations that you will consider?

If you are too curious about this, you can continue reading this article as it will provide helpful tips that you can consider following. 


Water Damaged Drone

Drones are considered sensitive as they contain many electronics and chips inside. This only proves that drones cannot have any exposure to water as it is indeed risky.

Moreover, once you have noticed that your drone is in the water, do not try to jump to save the drone as it will bring danger to you. 

Whenever you think that everything is under control, you can now proceed thinking of ways how you can get back the drone. Take your time recovering it from guaranteeing safety and that no one will get harmed.

Also, avoid getting your drone in saltwater because it is more dangerous than freshwater. Remind yourself that it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Above all, you should also be calm and do not panic as it would not help you deal with the problem.

If, in any case, you wonder about other electronics, you can check out how to clean water damaged electronics for more informative details.


Tips To Fix A Water Damaged Drone

You don’t need to be worried and stress yourself thinking about your water damaged drone because there are tips that can help you. Your role is to follow it and ensure that you will do it properly.

Do not worry because this is your guide to an effective way of fixing your water damaged drone. Provided below are the tips you can consider following at times like this.


Tip #1. Remove the battery and dry

Once you have removed the drone from the water, you have to proceed with turning it off and removing its battery. Make sure to dry it because you need to guarantee that everything is clear before moving to the next step.

You can actually use a hairdryer in drying the drone, but you need to use it for a  specific distance. This guarantees that the heat coming from the hairdryer will never melt any parts of the drone.

On top of that, you can also open the ports of the USB connector, SD Card, and many more. After 1 hour of drying, put the battery back and try if it will work.


Tip #2. Put in a container filled with rice

If drying the inner parts did not work, you can consider putting it in a container filled with rice. It is advisable as many people believe it works.

In this procedure, you have to wrap the drone in a cloth before putting it in a container filled with rice. Most of the time, it will take up to 18 hours, significantly when your lenses are affected.

The drone’s battery can also be placed in a container with rice, following the same procedure. Remember that a drone cannot mix with water, so you really need to be careful.


Tip #3. Check other parts

A drone not only contains a battery and ports; they are composed of several parts wherein, all of them are important. When accidents like being exposed to water happen, you need to include these essential parts in your priority.

You need to check the mainboard and circuitry. It is necessary to check these parts and replace them if possible as they can produce short circuits.

If you wish to look more into the procedures you can do in circuits; you can visit what chemical works for water damaged circuit boards for more information.

On the other hand, you are also responsible for checking for the drone’s motor. Do not worry, as most engines are water-resistant, and it is easy to identify if they are damaged.


Tip #4. Check the warranty

It is also better to be aware of the warranty of your drone. Sometimes, a warranty can help you with your problems.

Remember that you are not allowed to unscrew the top and other parts of the drone. Unscrewing any parts of the drone can invalidate your warranty, so better to be mindful of this.

However, please note that the supplier will constantly evaluate the item thoroughly before giving you the replacement. 



A drone may be one of the essential gadgets nowadays. That is why if an unexpected water exposure happens, we need to know how to fix a water damaged drone.

Through this article, you are given a chance to understand the entire concept. You are also given an opportunity to take note of the tips that can help you resolve your problem with your drones.

Your only role is to follow each tip for a better outcome. However, always remember that it is better to know the prevention instead of being aware of the tips to consider when this circumstance happens.

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