How To Fix A Swivel Chair Base In 4 Easy Steps

Swivel chairs are comfy, but not when they’re broken. For this article, we’re going to teach you how to fix a swivel chair base by disassembling your chair and then putting it back together.

The steps are easy to follow! Along with the steps on fixing a swivel base chair, we’ve also included other types of repairing you can do when your swivel chair malfunctions, like how to stop it from turning or wobbling.

how to fix a swivel chair base


Steps In Fixing A Swivel Chair Base


Step #1. Prepare materials

You will need new casters, a rubber mallet, an adjustable wrench, and a cloth to protect the base for this fixing project.


Step #2. Remove the base

Firstly, place the swivel chair on its side first. Then, get your rubber mallet and pound on the base downward.

Hit the base away from the seat and do this carefully. To give your swivel chair’s base extra protection, drape a cloth over it as you remove it.


Step #3. Remove the casters

When you fix your swivel chair’s base, the most important thing you need to do is to replace its casters. You have to know what type of wheels your swivel chair has first before proceeding.

For threaded wheels, you would need an adjustable wrench to unscrew the casters from their sockets. Then, screw the new ones in.

You just have to pull the old casters from the socket for the standard, plugged-in type wheels. Then, push in the new ones.


Step #4. Put everything together

After replacing the swivel chair casters, put the base back. Then, test the chair if it works well.


Methods on stopping a swivel chair from turning

After knowing how to fix a swivel chair base, we thought it would be helpful for you to understand how to stop a swivel chair from turning. Here are the possible ways you can stop it from turning:


Method #1. Inspect and tighten

Not everything requires replacement. To be sure of what to do with your swivel chair, inspect it first.

After inspecting your swivel chair, tighten any screws that need tightening. Pay close attention to the screws and brackets on the chair’s base as they contribute to the chair’s ability to turn.


Method #2. Place a wedge

If tightening the screws and brackets does not work, you can place a small rubber wedge between the chair’s base and its swiveling pole. Use a hammer to put it there.

This wedge would then act as a seal between the base and the pole and limit the chair’s range of motion by causing friction.

Also, to make sure the wedge will stay in place, wrap the tape around the pole and the wedge. You can add another wedge on the pole’s opposite side if you think it’s necessary.


Steps in fixing a wobbly swivel chair

After learning about fixing the swivel chair’s base and stopping it from turning, we also listed steps to fix a wobbly chair written for an extra shot at learning!


Step #1. Prepare materials

You will need a rag, a strap clamp, new dowel pins, wood glue, a paintbrush, a hammer, a drill, a marker pen, a coping saw, and a scraper or sandpaper to fix a wobbly swivel chair.


Step #2. Label and disassemble

Before disassembling your chair, label every part with a marker. This is to ensure that no components get lost and to make it easier to assemble the pieces later on.

Next, get your drill and take out the screws. You can use a hammer to remove dowel pins, but remember to be careful.


Step #3. Clean and replace

Organize the parts according to the system you used to mark them. Then, scrape the old glue off the joints. Sand the pieces afterward to smooth them.

After organizing and cleaning the parts, replace those no longer functional, particularly loose or broken dowel pins.


Step #4. Adhere and bind

Coat the swivel chair’s joints with wood glue. Fetch a small paintbrush and coat the joints well.

Do not use too much wood glue and apply it evenly. Then, join the parts together with your previous markings as reference.

Afterward, get your strap clamp and tighten the sections together. Fasten the ratchet around your chair to make sure it is tight.

Wipe off the remaining glue from the joints. Lastly, test the chair if it is still wobbly.



Swivel chairs are used in various settings and have different types. There are even swivel rocking recliner chairs in the market these days.

Despite their different types and the settings they’re used in, they are not immune to damage due to age or use. Hence, we’ve written this article for you.

It’s to help you understand how to fix a swivel chair base and other swivel chair-related concerns! We’ve included how to limit your chair’s range of motion and how to stop it from wobbling.

We hope what we have written here was helpful for you and that you were able to fix your swivel chair with our help.

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