How To Fix A Squeaky Bed Frame? 2 Easy Steps!

How to fix a squeaky bed frame? Before solving a problem with your squeaky bed, find the cause first.

After a tiring day at work, you might want to jump right into your bed and have a nice long sleep.

When you are sleeping and can’t stop yourself from moving across your bed space, your bed suddenly squeaks with your motion.

Some people can’t sleep with this squeaky sound, and that is a squeaky problem.

Not only can a squeaky bed ruin your sleep, but it could also ruin a special moment.

As you continue to use your bed for a long time, it will tend to get damaged especially if you have kids that jump on them.

You might not be bothered by this squeaky sound at first, but as time goes by.

I know you’ll get irritated by it.

So the only way to prevent this or solve this squeaky problem is to find the cause and impose appropriate solutions.


Steps To Fix A Squeaky Bed Frame

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest after a tiring day at work.

Some people get disturbed sleep when they hear sounds while they’re sleeping.

Your squeaking bed might make a night’s rest disturbing.

Not only will it affect your res, but it will also affect your performance the next day.

So, how to fix a squeaky bed frame?

I’ve summarized a few simple steps which you can follow to solve your bed’s squeaky problem.


Step #1. Disassemble

Your bed is composed of mainly 2 to 3 parts.

These parts are the mattress, bed frame, and spring box.

All you have to do is to disassemble each part and check this one by one.

Let’s check each of the bed’s components to find the appropriate solution for each problem or find where the squeaking sound comes from.


Step #2. Check and solve

After disassembling the bed components, let’s check each one if the squeaky sound comes out.


Step #1. Mattress

Since you have dissembled your bed’s components, let’s start by checking the mattress.

Mattresses have rare squeaky sounds unless your mattress is of a hybrid type.

The one with the innerspring present.

A hybrid mattress is a multilayered mattress with memory foam, latex, or innerspring, which makes it firmer than the other mattresses.

The innerspring present in the mattress most likely is prone.

It produces a squeaky sound, especially if your mattress is old.

So, if you have a hybrid type of mattress, check if the squeaky sound comes from it.

All you have to do is lay it on a flat surface or the floor.

Walk or jump right above each space of the mattress and check if the squeaky sound goes on.

If you have no stamina for this activity, let your kids jump on the mattress.

Kids love jumping on the bed, so let them enjoy while you solve the problem.

If the squeaking sound comes from the mattress, you have two options.

The first one is to check your mattress’s warranty.

Some mattress companies have lifetime warranties when it comes to the mattress they sell.

Some mattress manufacturers offer replacements for mattresses.

If your mattress is within the warranty time frame, you can contact the manufacturer.

Some mattress manufacturers also offer a buy-back system wherein you can sell your old mattress with them.

The buy-back program was established to reduce the waste that is coming from improper mattress disposal.

You can pretty much say that you somewhat helped save the environment as well as your pockets.


Step #2. Boxspring

After you have checked on the mattress, check the box spring next.

Box springs usually are prone to squeaking.

To test the box spring, lay it on the floor too.

Try walking on it to see if there is any squeaking sound that comes from it.

If you do hear the squeak, your box spring must be getting old.

You will have to replace it and get a new one.

If you don’t hear the squeaking sound from it, let us proceed to the next bed component.

When it comes to boxing springs, the best solution is to buy a new one.

Although if fixing it could solve the problem, you can still try it.

Using super glue to the corners that you think is too loose or applying some wax to areas with more friction might solve the problem.


Step #3. Bed frame

Our next component is the bed frame.

After checking the box spring, try checking the bed frame.

You can shake the bed, especially its corners.

Each corner may produce a squeaking sound.

When it comes to your bed frame, you have 3 options or ways to fix it.

One is to tighten up the screws that might have to loosen up.

You can add washers to the screws that tend to be too loose.

The washer makes the bolts and screws tighter too.

Next is to lubricate areas that are too tight.

Parts or the bed that are too tight tend to create more friction.

Another is to add paddings to the bed.

The paddings include some furniture pads or slat replacements.

Although these bed pads may only be a temporary solution.

You may want to relocate your bed to a different area of the room.



You can both save money and the hassle of hiring a professional if you know how to fix a squeaky bed frame.

To find the solution to a problem, you will have to identify the cause first then apply the necessary solution.

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