How To Fix A Squeaky Adjustable Bed? In 4 Easy Steps!

Do you have an adjustable bed that squeaks, and you want to know more on “How to fix a squeaky adjustable bed?”

Before we go into details, you should have an idea about what an adjustable bed is.

How to fix a squeaky adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are beds that you can adjust or maneuver in the position you would feel comfortable.

It is composed of a mattress and a remote-controlled base for it to be able to lift correctly.

For the base, it can be any material to use as long as it can function correctly.

But it is more often in a metal bed frame.

Metal bed frames are more solid and easier to be adjusted than any other material such as wood.

Again this is a remote-controlled bed that you can move to any angle you prefer having.


Steps To Fix A Squeaky Adjustable Bed

How to fix a squeaky adjustable bed?

You must be aware that beds mostly squeak for some reason, and we will discuss and elaborate on that one later on.

Adjustable beds are known to be moving beds and can make sound depending on the type and brand.

If your adjustable bed produces sounds every time you move it to any angle you want, maybe that’s a built-in problem.

As for adjustable beds that do not make a sound when you adjust them.

Maybe the problem is somewhere else.

Here are the steps you can follow to fix your squeaky adjustable bed.


Step #1. Find where the squeaking sound comes from

This step is the first thing that you will need to do. Right before this step, we have talked about the usual source.

There are many reasons why your bed is squeaking, and this article has a list of why beds usually squeak.

If you think that your bed is not squeaking every time you adjust it, then probably that’s not the problem.

When you try to lay down, and your bed starts squeaking, the problem might be on the bed frame or the mattress.

You have to check out the volts on it or the ones where there is a metal-to-metal connection.

They usually cause squeaking sounds on beds which is reasonable for your adjustable bed.

That is the first reason. Another is that the sound comes from your mattress itself.

Sometimes the problem is the coil inside your mattress. It usually produces sound.

For mattresses that have springs inside also produces squeaking sound, especially if the weight it takes is too much.


Step #2. Resolve the problem

After finding out where the problem is coming from, you have to take some steps to fix it.

For the metal to metal volts ad screws, maybe you can buy an adhesive or a plastic-made case for the screws.

In that way, when you put it back, you will be able to avoid that metal-to-metal conduction that’s happening.

You can also try to glue it around to ensure that the screw or volt won’t move when you lay down or add weight to it.

As for the mattress, maybe you can bring it back to the manufacturer because it might have a problem within.

Also that it has a warranty if you have bought a new one.

Maybe you can upgrade to another mattress or have it replaced.

If your mattress is old enough, maybe you can buy a new one and find one with no coils or springs inside it.

An example of such is a Tempur pedic mattress or a memory foam mattress.

That is also good for your sleeping experience.

They have relaxing materials, and also that they are made in so many layers of softness.

It can also adapt to your body’s weight.

In that way, you will no longer have a concern about a mattress that produces a squeaking sound.


Step #3. Try to lay on it again

The last step that you need to do is to try your adjustable bed again. Maybe the sound was gone.

If that happens, you can breathe freely, knowing that your mattress won’t give you bothering sounds.

You have to make sure of that, so as much as possible, grab your adjustable bed’s remote control and try to maneuver it.

Lay on all the sides and angles possible to know if there are no longer squeaking sounds throughout.

This method is one of the best ways to find out, so make sure to do it right.

Unfortunately, the bed isn’t that wide to move around.

And the step is not that hard to make, so do it for the sake of your own sleeping experience.

If there is still a squeaking sound, you need to recheck and redo all the steps mentioned above.

Do all of those until you have ensured that there is no longer a squeaking sound from your adjustable bed.

That way, you can have a peaceful place for sleeping.

There is no such thing as perfect. To learn more about adjustable beds, click here.

That is all.



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