Upholstery 101: How To Fix A Sagging Chair Cushion Easily

You should check out this quick and easy step guide for those who want to know how to fix a sagging chair cushion. This article will also mention some answers to your questions on making your chair cushion firmer, so stay tuned to this worthwhile read!


how to fix a sagging chair cushion

What Are The Materials Needed?

Before proceeding to the procedure below, make sure that you have the following materials. Once you are complete, you are good to go!


Fixing The Sagging Chair Cushion

In this article, we will mention two methods on how to fix your saggy chair cushion. The following are:


Method #1. Re-stuffing the cushions


Step #1. Unzip your cushions

Typical chair cushions have zippers that enable you to unzip them. When you open the cushion, you will be able to see the cushion’s filling.

Note: If your cushion does not contain any zipper, you can use a thread cutter to open it.


Step #2. Add more stuffing to your cushions

To add more stuffing to your cushion, you will need to use either batting or polyester filling. Both of these fillings can be purchased in any hardware or craft store near your home.

In this step, you need to insert more foam and spread it all around to make it look even. If you have a badly worn cushion, it would be best if you replace the filling.

Notes to remember:

If your chair cushion is in the form of a pillow, you may wrap it with a batting filling. You need to take out the case and surround it with the filling. Use an adhesive spray to ensure that the filling is stable.

If the chair cushion was filled with loose stuffing, insert the cushion with polyester material. In this type of chair cushion situation, you do not need to take out any current filling. You will use your hand to even out the stuffing of your cushion.


Step #3. Zip them up again

In this last step, all you need to do is put the cushion back to its cover and zip. If you follow the steps above correctly, these cushions will be plumper and look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Plus, you can sit back and relax!

Note: For chair cushions open with a thread cutter, you need to sew them back together again right after the stuffing procedure.


Method #2. Cinching the cushions with buttons


Step #1. Unzip the cushion

Similar to the starting procedure from the first method, you need to unzip the cushion for you to take out all of the stuffing coming from the cushion and let it set aside in one place.

Note:  Use a thread cutter if your cushion does not have a zipper.


Step #2. Find a needle, thread, and four buttons

With the use of your sewing materials, you need to sew at least four buttons onto your cushion, two from the front and likewise to the back. You will be using the same thread to sew the four buttons you have used for the button to be cinched by the thread.

Note: You can use more than four buttons, as long as it has an even number for both sides of your cushion.


Step #3. Refill the pillows

In this step, you are very much free to insert more fillings of your choice. You may use polyester or batting. Ensure that the padding done to the cushion is even and fairly distributed inside the cushion.


Step #4. Zip the cushion

Using the sewing materials that you have, you need to sew it back together if you use a thread cutter to open up your cushion. However, if you have a zipper, you can zip it. After closing, fluff the pillow to have a plumped appearance.


What type of filling is the best for my chair cushion?

If you are planning to buy the best of the best stuffing for your chair cushion, it would be best if you purchase a polyurethane foam. Aside from providing a sturdy base for your cushion, it is also an affordable option.


Where can I buy fillings for my seat cushions?

Most common places to buy these fillings are usually found in hardware or craft stores. Aside from the physical stores mentioned, you may also buy these materials online from retailers that also provide different densities and sizes.


How can I make the cushions firmer?

The best way to create a firm cushion is always to give it maintenance by replacing the existing filling. Having a denser filling makes the cushion sturdier. To soften the filling slightly, you have to wrap it around with batting and netting.



You have reached the last part of this article on how to fix a sagging chair cushion. You may choose any methods mentioned in this reading.

If you followed the procedure correctly, you do not need to purchase replacement cushions for your chair. After everything, you may now sit back and relax!

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