How To Fix A Noisy Bed? In 4 Easy Steps!

You might wonder why your bed is squeaky and thought of “how to fix a noisy bed?”

Well then, we are here to help you out.

How to fix a noisy bed

You can fix your bed that squeaks by following certain steps.

In that way, you will be able to sleep peacefully and unbothered at night.

We will discuss this further as we tackle more.

A noisy bed can be a problem for you when you are sleeping.

It might hinder you from sleeping peacefully at night.

But then do not worry because we got you covered.

We are going to find out the steps on how we should fix it.


Steps To Fix A Noisy Bed

In fixing things, you need to have a good and reliable guide. In that way, you will have a good solution.

We will provide you steps on how you should fix your squeaky bed, and then you can try to do it on your own.

It is necessary to act on a problem as soon as possible to avoid further and more significant problems.

These problems can develop into something big, so you better act on it or regret it after.

So, how to fix a noisy bed?

Steps were given in order and detail. Just follow it to get this done.


Step #1. Look for the problem

You cannot fix a squeaky bed without knowing where the problem is located, so make sure to find it first.

There are reasons why the bed squeaks. It could be in these three reasons we will give you.

Having a foam mattress could not produce any squeaking sound. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the problem might be in the foundation.

It might be on the inner or hybrid mattresses can be one of the most noise-prone materials.

You have to check and see it for yourself.

If you do have a hybrid mattress, you can take it off and lay it flat on the floor or any surface you would wish.

But make sure that it won’t get dirty. Try sitting on your mattress and try to go over the whole area.

In that way, you would know if the mattress has the problem or the squeaking sound was present.

If there is, the problem might be in the mattresses’ metal springs. In that case, you need to replace your mattress.

But if you still have the papers, maybe you can check the mattress’s warranty so you can replace it.

The other possible reason for a squeaking bed is that the box spring has a problem with its coils.

If that’s the case, you need to buy a new box spring to avoid having a noisy bed.


Step #2. Check the joints

As for the second step, you need to tighten the joints of your bed. Most of your frames are attached by joints.

Not only that also the foundation of your beds. Screws or metal bolts usually connect these.

One of the most common areas where your bed would start squeaking. Better if you fix it early.

That will prevent excess noise that your bed is giving out. But, again, you can use a screwdriver for this one.

Tighten the areas where there are screws, and you can add washers made of plastic if you want to.

That will help you tighten it more, and it will lessen the squeaking from metal to metal connection.


Step #3. Apply lubricants on metal parts

This next step is optional, but it can be suitable for your bed, especially for those metal screws.

If your bed gets older, it might need oils or other lubricants to retain its quality.

That might be the reason why your bed is squeaky.

But when you have done step number 2 and step number 3 and then the noise did not lessen.

The problem might be in other areas.


Step #4. Frame cushion

The next and last step would be having a cushion on the frame. That will lessen the friction.

Most problems with a squeaky bed come from friction between the bed and the mattress.

By adding layers of cushion in between, you can lessen the squeakiness of the bed.

You can also add layers of furniture pads on the bed’s legs. That way, it has less contact with the bed frame to the floor.

Also, check the legs of your bed if they are at the same level when laid on the floor.

Sometimes they get uneven. You better put something on it, or you’ll let it stay that way.

You will be bothered for the whole night if that happens.


Why does my bed squeak?

If you wonder why your bed continues to squeak or starts to squeak, you can backtrack to the first step.

We have mentioned several places where you can find the squeaking sound, and maybe you can use that as a basis.

Maybe something is cracked, or sometimes it is because of metal to metal impact.

It can also be a result of uneven bed legs. You can try to think of these things to be your reason.

And then it is up to you to find out the reason.



That marks the end of our article. We hope that you have learned a lot today.

With that, we have answered, “How to fix a noisy bed?”