How To Fix A Mattress? The Best 5 Method Guide

How to fix a mattress? Mattresses don’t last forever, regardless of their price or quality.

It is with no doubt that your beddings can deteriorate and sag over time.

How to fix a mattress

This mishap could put a hassle on your night’s sleep and your quality of life in general.

However, do not fret! I did significant research and listed a five-method guide on in fixing a mattress.

Mending your beddings include these five procedures: identifying the worn-out parts, flipping the mattress, using a mattress topper, using pillow fillers, and building sturdy mattress support.

Don’t go and buy a new mattress immediately! Read this easy guide to save money and effectively fix your beddings.


Methods To Fix A Mattress

The following part of this article discusses the five methods on how to fix a mattress. Starting with:


Method #1. Identifying the worn-out parts

Fixing something begins with knowing what’s wrong.

Thoroughly investigate your mattress and try to determine the cause of your mattress’s shaking or uneven orientation.

After doing so, list down all of the faulty materials and picture them for added proof and documentation.

This information would help you seek professional help and advice if fixing the mattress by yourself won’t work.


Method #2. Flipping the mattress

Does your mattress sag, or does it bend in the center?

This mishap could happen because you don’t flip your mattress often, and it centers all the weight towards one side of the beddings only, which makes it sag.

Take note that this is only suitable for double-sided mattresses.

This method is also often used as a temporary solution as it fixes the saggy mattress problem for a short period only.

You can flip your mattress by lifting it and reversing its orientation.

Here is a more precise guide on how to handle and carry your bed safely.


Method #3. Using a mattress topper

Like flipping the mattress, using a mattress topper is also an effective method to fix faulty bedding.

These mattress toppers provide a soft and comfortable surface for your bed that covers up any sagging or indentions within the bedding.

Moreover, memory foam or any soft material makes up these mattress toppers to provide stable support and improve comfort and sleep.

You can also utilize a mattress pad instead of a topper.

The pads do not provide your mattress with the amount of support it needs, but they can give you the comfort that your saggy mattress can no longer present.

Want to use a mattress topper for your beddings? Here is a complete guide on that.


Method #4. Using pillow fillers

A saggy mattress would have an uneven surface that would make you feel weird and uncomfortable every time you use it.

Without proper support, your faulty beddings could harm your back and posture, which is very bad in the long run.

A solution to your faulty mattress would be utilizing your very own pillows!

You can place these under the sagged area of your mattress to give it some elevation and support.

Adjust the pillow fillers’ height by adding or lessening the number of pillows that go under your bed.

Using pillow fillers would even out the surface of your mattress and fix the sagging problem.


Method #5. Building sturdy mattress support

Lastly, we have saved the best option that could fix your sagging mattress for an extended time.

Building sturdy mattress support adds height to your sleeping area and properly evens out the entire bedding.

There is plenty of mattresses supports available that you can put on your faulty beddings.

A common one would be a plywood mattress support.

Cut a thick piece of plywood that you have measured to fit the bottom of your sagging mattress.

Place the plywood support underneath afterwards.

Furthermore, you can also buy reinforced metal bars and use them as your mattress support.

Incorporate the structure below your faulty mattress, and it would immediately fix the sagging problem.


Related Questions

What should I do if I can’t fix the mattress?

If all of the stated options weren’t effective, you should let go of your beddings and purchase a new one.

Remember the documentation that you have taken in the first place?

Consult your local furniture store about it and ask if they could repair the mattress.

If not, buy a new mattress and ensure that it’s high quality and stable.

A great bed is less prone to damage and deterioration.


How do I maintain a mattress in good condition?

You can maintain your mattress in a pristine condition by flipping it once every month, which equally distributes your weight throughout the beddings to prevent sagging.

Moreover, always investigate if the mattress support is still stable enough.

Improve the structure if it starts to deteriorate overtime to ensure the stability of your mattress.


Final Words

How to fix a mattress?

There are five procedures to do so: identifying the worn-out parts, flipping the mattress, using a mattress topper, using pillow fillers, and building sturdy mattress support.

Maximizing your resources and knowing your mattress’s current quality would significantly improve the quality of your sleep and life.

Good luck and stay safe!