How To Fix A Leaking Air Conditioner? 2 Easy Methods To Follow!

How to fix a leaking air conditioner? It will be a big problem if your air conditioner leaks too much and you have no knowledge to fix it. A leaking air conditioning unit can become dangerous if not treated right away, especially if the leaking liquid is a refrigerant that evaporated and becomes a gas.

When this comes into contact with other chemicals, it might cause danger that our people don’t know and harm many lives. You will need to call a technician to help you out. But you can fix a leaking air conditioner by using only a hose or a vacuum cleaner. Now enough of that, what do you think we should do to prevent situations like this to avoid any casualties? We have found some methods and tips that we think can be useful for dealing with things like this. So do not worry, we will help.

how to fix a leaking air conditioner


Methods To Fix A Leaking Air Conditioner

A leaking air conditioner isn’t much of a problem at all, though it depends on what liquid your appliance is emitting or letting out. Either way, it can still be harmful even if it is just simple water coming out from your air conditioning unit since people aren’t sometimes wary of their pathway. You don’t want this happening to anybody or yourself.

So, we can help you carry this process to make it easier for you to do it. Some people struggle to do this one on their own, and that is why we are here to guide you. For us, safety is our priority, now get ready and make sure you are all safe and sound to go so that we can prevent any problems from happening.

Also, when it comes to situations like this, always prepare a reasonable amount of money for emergency purposes if there is a need to buy something. Once you are done with this, we can assure you a hundred percent that your air conditioning unit will work just like the way it is before and colder. All you have to do is follow the steps below on how to fix a leaking air conditioner:


Preparing for work

Of course, before doing anything else, we want to make sure that you are prepared enough to handle this task on your own. First, get a plastic bag that you will then attach to the air outlet of your appliance to prevent any leakage from happening and coming from its indoor unit.

Then once you have tightly fitted them into the air conditioner, you’ll then want to tape it in place so that it’ll collect all of the water or chemicals that are leaking. Make sure to put as many tapes much as possible in the plastic as it may fall if the video doesn’t secure it into place properly. Opt for buying a big and sturdy plastic bag to ensure that no water will spill from it.


Method #1. Through exhaling

There are many reasons why air conditioners leak, though the most common among them is when debris starts to go inside the drain line and blocks. The water’s passageway to go out should not be stuck inside of the air conditioner.

Now to start doing this, you will first want to get a hold of the AC’s drain line and point it upwards so that you can put your mouth into it and blow. You can use a thin cloth or your hand so your lips will not directly touch the hose. As a result, water and debris caught within the hose will begin to fall out into the plastic bag to catch all the dirt blocking the hose.

After you are done letting all of the debris or dirt out, turn on your air conditioner, ensuring no leakage is happening anymore. Then remove the plastic bag and dispose of it right away so that your appliances will not get exposed to any kind of dirt possible.


Method #2. Using a vacuum cleaner to remove debris

Now for this step, we will require you to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the trash stuck in the draining hose if the first step is hard for you to do. So what you want to do is first grab the hose and press it near the vacuum cleaner where the nozzle fits into it, making sure that all debris is caught later on.

Once it is placed, turn on the vacuum at high speed and then release it right away if you feel that it is sucking too much on the hose. Why do I have to release it once the vacuum cleaner is turned on? That is because if you keep on vacuuming, you may suck the water inside the hose.

Inside of the appliance, then it’ll start to slowly break down once its interiors are exposed to the water. Minimize as much as possible to avoid problems further. Then, after vacuuming for about five minutes, detach it from the hose, and water will flow out. To be sure there are no leaks, turn on the air conditioner afterward.



We can now avoid any danger due to leakage by knowing how to fix a leaking air conditioner. You will be able to fix a leaking AC by using a hose or vacuum cleaner to extract the debris. To know how much water you should drain from your AC unit, click here. That is all.

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