6 Steps on How to Fix a LazyBoy Recliner Footrest

All recliners have a footrest, but how many people know how to fix it? If your lazy boy recliner has a broken footrest that you don’t want to pay someone else to repair, then this is the blog post for you.

We will walk through how to fix a lazyboy recliner footrest and what parts are needed. This is an easy project that can save you money on hiring someone to do the work!

how to fix a lazyboy recliner footrest


Steps on Fixing Lazyboy Recliner Footrest

Step 1. Remove the cover from your recliner. You can do so by how you would remove any other furniture covers, like a couch or loveseat. There is usually some type of clip that attaches it to either the bottom part on springs.

Step 2. Next, find where the footrest meets with the chair and there should be two screws attaching it to the frame. These two screws need to be removed and then you can simply pull the footrest off

Step 3. Next, measure how much of a gap there is between your recliner’s frame and the base that holds up your sofa or chair

Step 4. Then cut out some wood using whatever tools are available (jigsaw, hand saw, etc) that is the same size as your gap.

Step 5. Once you have cut out enough wood, screw it into place with the old screws from before

Step 6. Finally, make sure to put it back on your recliner’s cover!


How To Repair A Recliner Mechanism

Step 1. First, you will need to locate the assembly where the mechanism is located. This usually includes a wooden board and it can be found at the back of your recliner underneath the chair.

Once this has been removed, you should see how long bolts or screws are holding up that bar that attaches to both legs for supporting weight when sitting in a recliner.

Step 2. Remove these bolts or screws and take a look at how they are attached to the rod you just removed from under the chair, as well as how it is connected to the footrest bar itself. If this assembly was originally screwed in place, then simply screw them back together again with new wood screws that will be provided in most kits.

Step 3. If they were originally bolted, then you will need to use a bolt extractor tool to remove them from the wood board and re-attach them using your original hardware that is included with most repair kits.

Once this has been done, just replace the bar with its position underneath or behind your recliner chair so it is secured to the leg of your chair.

Step 4. If you have a fabric or leather footrest, then it is best if you replace these items entirely instead of resewing them on as this will only prolong wear and tear that can eventually lead to leaks in how they are attached.


How Do Lazy Boy Recliners Work?

The recliner mechanism is how the chair goes from a sitting position to a laying down one. Lazy Boy chairs typically use either hydraulic power or manual force to help secure your feet into place while you are lying back in it, but if something were to happen with that part of the chair and it needs repair, then call us! We can come out and fix your recliner for you.


What Causes Lazyboy Recliner Footrest to Damage?

The footrest on a lazyboy recliner will often damage because of how it is attached to the chair. It either attaches with clips or screws and when people sit they can pull these loose, causing them to snap in the process. The most common issue that causes this, however, is how over time our springs wear out and lose their tension.


How to Prevent Lazyboy Recliner Footrest Damage

While there are several steps you can take to prevent how lazyboy recliner footrests from being damaged, one of the most important is investing in a quality spring. Although it may not be possible for some people to buy new springs every time their current ones wear out, by replacing them often enough they will last longer and won’t need any repairs.


How to Lubricate a Lazyboy Recliner Footrest

Once you’ve replaced the springs, how lazyboy recliner footrests can be lubricated to prevent them from breaking. However, how often this is done depends on how well they are working and how much use your chair gets.

If it’s under-lubricated or over-used then a repair may be necessary; but if it’s used how lazyboy recliner footrests should be, then lubricating how long-term can help prevent any need for how lazyboy recliner footrest repair.


How to Attach Slipcover on a Lazyboy Recliner

Adding a recliner cover will help to protect it from getting dirty or worn out. But how the slipcover is attached can affect how long-lasting your chair’s upholstery will be, and whether you’re going to need anyhow lazy boy recliner covers repairs in the future.


How to Fix Lazyboy Strings

Lazyboy recliner strings can be used for many different things, including how lazy boy string repair. They’ll keep you how to fix the arm of a lazyboy recliner in place and they also act as to how long will it take to put on how lazy boy recliners handles.

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