How To Fix A Juul That Is Water Damaged: 4 Easy Steps

Dropped your Juul in a bathtub? This article can teach you how to fix a Juul that is water damaged. 

Electricity and water should never mix, so it feels so unpleasant when you accidentally drop your Juul in the bathtub or dive into the pool and realize your Juul e-cigarette is with you. There are many questions on vaping forums from worried Juul owners who have accidentally brought their pocketed Juul for a swim. 

how to fix a juul that is water damaged


Steps In Fixing A Water Damaged Juul

Letting your Juul pod get wet can cause it to stop working. If you put your Juul in water by accident, here are the steps you should consider. 


Step #1. Disassemble your Juul device

The first thing you should do is separate the pod from the device. 


Step #2. Dry the outside

Use a dry soft towel to get rid of the visible water. You won’t determine if water has penetrated the internal parts of your Juul, but drying off the outside can help prevent more water from getting in. 


Step #3. Find some dry rice or silica gel sachets for your Juul

Place your Juul in a paper bag with silica gel sachets or dry rice. If you choose to use dry rice, a spoonful is enough for your device. 

If you choose silica gel, two silica gel sachets are enough. Dry rice and silica gel sachets can help absorb any moisture inside the device. 

Remember to do this at room temperature to get better results. You should not rush the drying process so that your Juul can have plenty of time to dry out. 


Step #4. Try out your Juul

The steps indicated above are already enough most of the time, and your Juul will be ready to use the next day after doing the procedures listed above. If the light doesn’t turn on, try leaving the device in the paper bag for longer. 

If the light starts turning on, but there’s no vapor, or you notice something unusual with the taste, it’s time to replace the pod. 


Using Waterproof Case

Using a waterproof case is an excellent idea to keep your Juul safe, but sometimes they’re not pocket-friendly. Because these cases fit a range of different vapes, they are often big, so it’s advisable to find a case that fits your Juul well. 

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How To Clean Your Juul

Routine cleaning is a must to ensure the durability of our Juul’s batteries. Two methods for cleaning the Juul include dry cleaning and alcohol cleaning. 


Method #1. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the most common cleaning methods performed on a Juul. It can be the only method you need to perform if you do this regularly. 


Step #1. Remove the Juul pod

Take the Juul pod off the device, and wipe up any visible liquid from the Juul Pod slot. 


Step #2. Use a pointed object to eliminate buildup

Dirt and congealed Juul juice can cause a buildup around the bottom edges of the device’s opening, where the rubber meets the metal body. You can use tweezers to eliminate this buildup. 


Step #3. Drain the metal connection pins

Doing this will ensure a stable connection to each Juul pod inserted and create openings while the pins are pressed in, making the juice flow into the internal mechanisms of the device’s battery. 


Method #2. Alcohol cleaning


Step #1. Take off the Juul pod 

Soak one end of the Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and squeeze the excess alcohol out, leaving your Q-tip slightly damp. 


Step #2. Invert the Juul battery

Invert the Juul battery and clean around the metal connection pins gently. Wipe around the metal pins carefully and ensure that you avoid compressing them. 

If the pins are uncompressed, there is only a little chance of alcohol leaking into the device. Keeping the battery inverted in this step may allow gravity to keep alcohol out of your battery. 


Step #3. Wipe up the remaining alcohol

Once you remove the residues, use a piece of paper towel to absorb any remaining moisture without compressing the pins. The Juul’s pod opening should now look clean.


Step #4. Inspect the charging port 

Check to see if the charging port on the bottom needs cleaning. If the magnetic charging area has a buildup of some grime, clean the charging port immediately. 

Wipe the area using alcohol until you eliminate dirt, and then wipe up the residues.



How to fix a Juul that is water damaged? You first need to carefully disassemble your Juul and use a soft towel to eliminate water from your device. 

Place your device in a paper bag with a spoonful of rice or two silica gel sachets. Let the device dry, and don’t rush the drying process. 

It’s advisable to put your Juul in a waterproof case to prevent your device from taking in water.

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