How To Fix A Hair Dryer That Wont Turn On? 2 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to fix a hair dryer that wont turn on? Are you stressed out because your hair dryer is not turning on? Finding out your hairdryer is not working when you are already running late frustrates you. Don’t worry because the answer to your question is simple and easy. By following the steps detailed in this article, you can troubleshoot the problems in your hairdryer.  

A hairdryer is a gadget of two components; a fan motor and a heating element. The heating element varies depending on the hair dryer you are using.

how to fix a hair dryer that wont turn on

Sometimes, the hairdryer does not work due to minor problems. However, people don’t bother to solve even the minor issues because hairdryers are not very expensive. Hence, you can replace them. But it is good to buy a high-quality hairdryer and make minor repairs by yourself. Common hairdryer problems can be solved easily by following a few steps. First, try to detect the problem. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Fixing A Troubling Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is a piece of simple equipment used frequently in homes. If your hairdryer doesn’t turn on, the heating element and motor fan may be the problem.


Things You Need To Fix A Hair Dryer

You can easily buy small parts of your dryer from any appliance store. The instruments or tools you need to fix a troubling hairdryer are:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Multimeter
  3. Wrenches


Steps To Fix A Hair Dryer That Wont Turn On

So, how to fix a hair dryer that wont turn on? These are the few steps you need to follow to fix your hairdryer:


Step #1. Dismantle the hairdryer

  • Turn the power off or unplug the hairdryer.
  • Separate the hairdryer nozzle and filter that is fixed using small screws.
  • If it has a filter screen, remove it and clean it properly.
  • Remove the housing of the hairdryer by loosening the screws that hold the housing of the hairdryer.
  • Now, you can see the internal parts of a hairdryer.
  • Examine the motor and heating element keenly. In most cases, the damage is visible, and you can quickly replace the defective part.
  • After that, assemble the disassembled parts of the dryer and check if it works.


Step #2. Check and fix the thermal cutout of a hairdryer

If there is a problem with your hairdryer thermal cutout, follow these steps to repair the defective part.

  • Open the housing of the hairdryer to disassemble the heating element.
  • Locate the thermal cutout for any possible damage.
  • The thermal cutout is linked with two wires leading from the electrical cord and inside the housing.
  • Use compressed air to clean the internal parts of the thermal cutout. Be careful and do not touch anything sensitive.


Reasons To Fix Your Hair Dryer

Many minor problems cause trouble in the working of a hairdryer. However, you can quickly solve these problems at home. Here are a few of these problems:


Hairdryer won’t turn on

Sometimes, the reason behind a hairdryer not turning on is a faulty power supply or a problem with your dryer’s on/off switch. You can quickly solve this issue by plugging the hairdryer in a different power supply outlet or pressing the on/off button with a bit of force.


No air comes out of the nozzle

If low or no air is coming out of your hairdryer, it is maybe because there is a blockage in the nozzle or filter screen. Try to remove the visible blockages carefully, and your dryer will start working again. In other cases, the hairdryer is set to the low air option, and you can set it accordingly. A defective fan motor also causes low air pressure.


Only cool air comes out of the dryer

Make sure your hairdryer is not set to the excellent or cold option, as it will push cold air to come out of the hairdryer nozzle. If all of your settings are perfectly fine and you still face this issue, then the problem is in the heating element of the hairdryer. You need to repair or replace the heating element according to the type of your hairdryer.



When you continuously use a hairdryer for a more extended period, the hairdryer automatically turns off. Unplug the hairdryer and let it cool down for 2 to 3 minutes when this happens. After this time, your hairdryer will usually start. Again, please do not place the hairdryer in water as it causes severe damage to your life and appliance. Here’s everything you need to know about hair dryer watts.


It’s A Wrap!

You’ve know how to fix a hair dryer that wont turn on. A hairdryer is a widely used appliance. People use it for styling and drying their hair. Being a frequently needed device, you may face some issues in the working of your hairdryer that needs fixing. Not all the time, you need to take the appliance to some repairing store or need the help of a professional repairman. You can quickly troubleshoot the minor problems at home by carefully following the steps discussed in this article. Take all the precautionary measures while using and operating the hairdryer. Use accurate tools to assemble and disassemble the parts of your hairdryer. Finally, enjoy a good hair day with an excellent working hairdryer. It may be helpful to read about how a hair dryer works and how to choose hair dryer.

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