How To Fix A Fridge Door That Had Dropped? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wonder how to fix a fridge door that had dropped?  A refrigerator is an essential appliance used in our homes. Other than just storage for food, it also helps preserve and cool the food. A fridge has an average weight of 250 pounds. And it will weigh even more when food is stored inside. Most refrigerators have built-in wheels where it will be convenient to move around or clean underneath them.


how to fix a fridge door that had dropped

Steps To Fix A Fridge Door That Had Dropped

How to fix a fridge door that had dropped? Just like other appliances, a fridge can also get broken. It depends on how old the device is and if it is being taken care of. Imagine this; you are about to take out something from the fridge because either you are hungry or want to see what you may eat.

Upon opening, the fridge door dropped; it may be because you’ve opened it with too much force or the door hinge of your refrigerator is broken.

Having the refrigerator door hinge broken can be one of the reasons. This is what holds the fridge door to the refrigerator itself. You don’t have to panic much, you may fix it yourself, and you will be able to use your fridge again in no time. Here are simple ways on what you should do when fixing your fridge door that has dropped.


Step #1. Unplugging the fridge

After witnessing the fridge door drop, you may want to turn the fridge off and unplug it. This will prevent you from wasting the energy of your fridge. Since it will be open, the cool air of the fridge will still eventually come out. This will also help prevent electrocution.


Step #2. Taking out the food

After unplugging, take out all the contents of the fridge. Transfer the food to a cooler in the meantime, or if you have another refrigerator, you can transfer it there. You won’t be able to turn on the fridge for a while because you need to fix it. So, transferring the food to different storage will prevent it from thawing or rotting. It will not take too long, depending on the time you will be able to fix it.


Step #3. Cleaning the interiors

After taking out the food inside, it will also be an excellent time to clean the fridge. This will not entirely fix the door, but cleaning it will also be a great way to see other problems. Sometimes, if it is left uncleaned for a long time, the dirt builds up and ruins the appliances.


Step #4. Checking the door hinge

Check if you can still use the door hinge. If you can screw it back, then you won’t need to buy a new part. You may screw back the door since you just loosened it. Make sure to tightly screw it to avoid the fridge door from dropping again.

If the door hinge is broken, then you need to buy a spare part for that.

There are refrigerator door hinge kits you can buy online or find in your local stores. A universal refrigerator door hinge kit comes around $20. It may be pricey, but make sure it is strong enough to be used if you can find a cheaper one.



Step #5. Fixing the door

You now have a spare part to be used in fixing your fridge door. Remove the old hinge part of your fridge door and replace it with a new one. Have someone to help you in holding the door while you screw it together. It can be cumbersome and difficult to carry it alone. Also, make sure you have the right equipment to use.

Start by unscrewing the old hinge, remove all the screws you see. Then remove the hinge, and you will see a plastic spacer underneath the hinge. This is to provide a division between the hinge and your fridge. If the kit you bought does not have a plastic spacer, you may reuse it and transfer it to the new part.

Upon removing the hinge, you will see a part where there is white grease. You will need that for your new hinge. Just apply a small amount of white fat; this will keep the door smooth when opening.

Put the hinge to the place it was, and make sure you align the door fridge while screwing it tightly. This will prevent any leakage or difficulty in closing the door. If there are instructions written on the kit, you may follow the steps provided. Then you are done; you may now plug in the power cord and use the fridge again.



After fixing the door fridge, you may check the door by opening and closing it. Make sure it is good to go and does not fall again. After plugging in, do not immediately return the food. Let it cool for a couple of hours, and when it is cool enough, you can put the foods back in place.

Sometimes you can fix things yourself and save yourself from wasting an amount of money. Always ask the person who knows how to fix it if you don’t have much knowledge about fixing it. Ask for help, and you’ll be finished in no time. So, that’s how to fix a fridge door that had dropped. Do you want to read more articles about fixing a fridge? Click here on how to fix fridge that is not cooling. Enjoy reading!

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