5 Tips on How to Fix a Combi Stroller Wheel

In this article, we will discuss how to fix a combi stroller wheel so that you can get back on the move!

Every parent knows how important it is to have a reliable stroller. Whether you are running errands or visiting the zoo, your child needs a safe and comfortable place to sit while you push them around in their stroller. Unfortunately, no matter how well-made they may be, all strollers eventually need maintenance and repair.

How to Fix a Combi Stroller Wheel

One of the most common repairs that parents make involves how to repair combi stroller wheel problems.


Steps on Repairing a Combination Stroller Wheel

Step 1. Check how the wheel is attached to your stroller. Ensure that you can remove and replace it if needed. Sometimes there may be a small screw on the side of the tire that can easily remove or tighten as necessary.

Step 2. If tightening doesn’t work, then make sure the axle isn’t bent by placing two flat head screwdrivers under the tire (one on each side) and gently lifting it. This should straighten out any kinks in the axle that may have caused an issue with wheel problems.

Step 3. If after checking these two areas, you are still experiencing stroller wheel problems, then inspect your other parts such as how your brakes work or if there is any corrosion present on the metal part surrounding where meets the rubber.

Many times this can be fixed by replacing worn wheels which will provide increased stability for when using how do you fix a combination baby jogger together again!


How do you fix a wobbly wheel on a city select stroller?

Step 1. Check the tightness of your wheel and how it is mounted to the frame. Tightening loose or worn wheels can help decrease wobbling on a stroller, as well as making sure that all four tires are inflated properly.

Step 2. Check how tightly they are secured with an Allen wrench by turning them counterclockwise until there is no more play in any direction (the fastest way to tighten using this method).

The first time you do this may take some effort but subsequent tightening should be easier since the bolt will have been loosened enough for your hands then tightened back into place. When reattaching these parts make sure not to overtighten them because doing so could cause damage without providing additional stability, which defeats the purpose of trying to fix the wheel.

Step 3. If you’re not confident in your ability to tighten them yourself, take it into a bike shop for repair or purchase replacement parts from one of the many online retailers (I would recommend buying new bolts and using a torque wrench). This will be more costly than tightening by hand but may save you money since replacing all four tires can cost $50-$100 depending on how quickly they wear down.

Step 4. A final option is to replace the entire combi stroller with either an entirely different model or just buy the wheels separately if there are no other damaged components that need to be replaced as well. These options are much less expensive than purchasing new tires but won’t suit everyone’s needs because this prevents the storage of additional items inside like a diaper bag.

If you want to avoid paying for new bolts and a torque wrench some quick fixes can be done at home with just an open bottle of water, your fingernails or pliers. Check out how in the video below!


How do you fix a baby jogger front wheel?

A baby jogger front wheel can quickly be fixed with a few simple tools. You will need:

A wrench or socket to remove the bolts (depending on how your bolt is setup)

An adjustable wrench or pliers to loosen the nut that secures both wheels in place. The tire needs to come off from one side first before it can be removed entirely and replaced. Make sure you have an extra replacement tire handy!


How do you take the front wheel off a city mini? 

If you have a City Mini, the front wheel can be removed and replaced by removing two bolts that are located on either side of what is called the “quick release”. Remember how to get back to this area?

There will be a “peg” with a hole in it – just put your fingernail or pliers into the hole and pull up! This releases both wheels so they can come off easily. Make sure you have an extra replacement tire handy also!


How do you unlock the front wheel on a baby jogger?

To unlock the front wheel on a Baby Jogger, you have to push in and turn down on both sides of the “quick release” – this will allow the wheel to move freely. Once that is done, just pull up slightly (while still holding it unlocked) for the wheel to come off! Remember how far you need to go before pulling? It should be about an inch or two from where it originally started when you pushed in and turned down on each side.


How do I remove my baby jogger’s back wheels?

If your child has not yet mastered using their legs as brakes then having them walk with one hand at all times while pushing may help slow them down enough so they don’t keep hitting the wheel with their foot and push it off.

If you notice your child is trying to lift the back wheel by pushing on one side of the combi stroller, then this is happening because they are using too much pressure. You may need to show them how to use a little force so that they can get better traction when running for both wheels (front and back) not to come loose from each other.

It’s important for children not only to learn how to stop properly but also how to start! Have them practice having one hand down on the ground behind them while holding onto something sturdy, like a table or chair, before teaching them how to start going forward again successfully without being able to help themselves easily.


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