How To Fix A Burn Hole In A Blanket In 4 Easy DIY Steps

Having to figure out how to fix a burn hole in a blanket is one of the most tedious tasks you will do.


how to fix a burn hole in a blanket

Blankets might not be one of the welcome-to-my-home decors you have at home, but they are one of your good-night’s-sleep necessities.


However, we sometimes take these things for granted to the point that we will damage them.


If you were not careful enough, you might’ve punched a burn hole or two into your precious blanket. This article will help you resolve that problem.


Helpful Guide On How To Fix A Burn Hole In A Blanket

Here are some easy steps to follow on how to save your blankets from burn holes.


Step #1. Vacuum

The method you are going to use varies mostly on how big the damage that has been done to the blanket.


So, no matter how huge or tiny the hole is, there will always be an excess ash caused by the burn.


You will have to use a vacuum to carefully and effectively remove all the excess ash that falls into your blanket.


Just make sure to use the right amount of power so that there will be no pressure against the fabric.


Step #2. Clean

After removing the excess ash or dust, you might want to clean it thoroughly.


For cleaning, use a multi-purpose cleaner, so that it will go well with fabrics.


Apply the cleaner into a sponge and gently rub it against the burnt part.


Make sure you do it gently, so the blanket’s colour and texture won’t change.


Step #3. Sew

The blanket is now cleaned, so you can focus on the real damage – the hole!


When it comes to fabric damage there is always one thing that comes first to mind, and that is sewing.


Sewing is fabric’s best friend. You can make clothes with sewing, so naturally, you can fix fabric damages with it as well.


All you have to do is have a thread whose colour matches the fabric in your needle, and lock its end.


Then after making a knot at the end of the thread, you can now pull the thread into the fabric until it reaches the knot.


You can do a running stitch or a cross-stitch following your preference.


By doing this several times, you did not just cover up the hole in your blanket, but also added a design with it.


Step #4. Patch

Aside from sewing, there are other ways to fix that hole in your blanket, Of course, what can be more convenient than patching?


In this method, you will have to cut some part of your blanket to patch up the hole.


You can now attach the fabric into the hole using fabric glue, make sure to place it very well. Remove the excess amount of glue, then let it dry.


Voila! You now have a repaired blanket.


Backup Method for Removing Burn Holes


Step #1. Cut

You will have to cut a piece from your fabric.


After doing so, you will have to roll it with your fingers, hold it between your thumb and index finger, and cut it.


The more cuts you make the more effective it will be. 


Step #2. Bond

After the fabric is shredded, you will need to put a little amount of bonding powder and roll it using your fingers.


Make sure the backside of the blanket is on top and the front one will be the one touching the surface.


After making sure that you are on the right side of the blanket, squeeze the shredded fabric into the hole, press it firmly to the blanket, and add more bonding powder into the cloth. 


Step #3. Press

After doing that, you will have to use a patch and place it on top of the pattern. You will also have to use a pressing sheet.


After getting these items ready, you can now press the patch with your iron set at a high temperature.


Leave it for a couple of seconds at the backside, and then flip the blanket and press it for a couple of seconds as well.


Just leave the blanket to cool down and settle, and you can use it again or wash it. This method works just as fine.


How To Avoid Getting Burn Holes In Any Fabrics?

Burn holes are commonly caused by hot ironing, but most especially by cigarettes.


People tend to puff cigarettes while sitting on the couch or before going to bed.


There’s no complete way to stop this from happening, but we can do something to avoid it.


Have some ashtrays or a cup with water on it ready by your side to tap the excess ashes off in there.


However, the only possible way to avoid this is to keep your cigarettes away from your fabrics.



Blankets are soft fabrics made to bring you comfort and peaceful sleep, but imagine having to feel a breeze coming through a hole.


Burn holes may be a work of the hand, but it’s not an impossible case. This article can help with a guide you can follow on how to fix a burn hole in a blanket.


We hope you find this handy to save your favourite blanket from a burn hole.